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Even Whoopi Admits NY Post Cover Calling DeSantis ‘DeFuture’ Is ‘Hysterical’

 Whoopi Goldberg , liberal host of ABC’s “The View,” conceded on Wednesday that even she saw the humor in the New York Post’s post-election ...

 Whoopi Goldberg, liberal host of ABC’s “The View,” conceded on Wednesday that even she saw the humor in the New York Post’s post-election cover declaring Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) was “DeFuture.”

Goldberg and most of her co-hosts — with the occasional exception of Republican co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin — have often attacked DeSantis, complaining that he is bad for Florida and suggesting that he would be bad for the country if he were to run for president in the future. But even as co-host Joy Behar lamented the fact that DeSantis delivered a de facto routing to Democratic challenger Charlie Crist, Goldberg admitted that the Post’s cover was “hysterical.”


Joy Behar began the segment by saying that she felt “cautiously optimistic” about the midterm results, noting that the “red wave” some had predicted had never come to fruition. She went on to complain that, given the state of things in the United States, the election should have been a “blue tsunami.”

“I think that the Democrats should learn from this,” she said. “Because with the heinous condition of the Republican Party at the moment, we should have had a blue tsunami. It should have been a blue tsunami, and I think it’s the message.”

Behar went on to argue that Democrats needed a simple, cohesive message like strategist James Carville’s “It’s the economy, stupid” if they wanted to keep moving forward.

“It’s democracy, stupid! It’s abortion rights, stupid! It’s voting rights, stupid! And sell it!” she suggested.

The conversation then turned to DeSantis, whose blowout victory in Florida suggested to Griffin that perhaps the Republican Party had reached a turning point, of sorts.

“It might actually be the turning of the page,” she said.

“DeSantis won — which, I can’t stand him,” Behar complained. “I hate him, I can’t stand him.”

Griffin then mentioned the New York Post cover, which showed the Florida governor with his family and the headline, “DeFUTURE: Young GOP Star DeSantis Romps To Victory In Florida.”

“The post cover is hysterical,” Goldberg agreed. “DeFuture.”

DeSantis barely eked out a victory in 2018. He got 49.6% of the vote while Democrat and former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum got 49.2%. However, DeSantis ran away with 59.4% of the vote in Tuesday’s election, winning in all but five counties in the Sunshine State.

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