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WATCH: Joe Rogan Calls Psaki A Liar, And Likens Her Ex-Trump Counterpart To Michael Jordan

  Podcast king   Joe Rogan   blasted ex-Biden administration spokeswoman   Jen Psaki   as a liar and said former Trump press secretary   Kay...

 Podcast king Joe Rogan blasted ex-Biden administration spokeswoman Jen Psaki as a liar and said former Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was the “Michael Jordan” of the profession.

Rogan’s comments came on Saturday while he discussed COVID vaccines with NFL superstar Aaron Rodgers, who famously declined to get the jab. Rogan accused Psaki of pushing vaccines that many Americans questioned.

“When Jen Psaki said these vaccines are approved by the FDA, which is the gold standard, that was a lie,” Rogan said, noting that the vaccines were initially administered under an “emergency use authorization.”

“They weren’t approved. But she was a propagandist.”

Rogan called the White House press secretary position a “weird job” because it requires toeing the administration line even when it may not be accurate or true. But he singled out McEnany, a Harvard-trained lawyer who held the post for Trump’s last year and frequently sparred with a hostile press, as an exception.

“That lady was a f***ing assassin,” Rogan raved. “That lady had like binders, with footnotes. And anyone would say something and she’d be like, ‘That’s interesting, because actually CNN said this.’ And she would like quote it back to them and stuff it in their face.”

“That lady was the best ever at that job,” Rogan added. “She’s the f***ing Michael Jordan of White House press secretaries.”

The comments echoed prior remarks by left-wing CNN personality Van Jones, who warned liberals in a 2020 interview not to dismiss McEnany’s sharp intellect.

“I’m not trying to defend the messaging, but what I hope people can acknowledge is there’s very few people in either party who can accomplish what Kayleigh has accomplished in such a short time,” Jones said. “People keep taking her lightly, and they keep regretting it.”

Joe Rogan called former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany the 'Michael Jordan' of the profession for her ability to spar with the liberal media.

Joe Rogan called former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany the ‘Michael Jordan’ of the profession for her ability to spar with the liberal media. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

McEnany is now a co-host on the Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered” show.

While talking to Rodgers, Rogan had praise for another Fox News employee, Peter Doocy. The reporter has long stood out among the Biden-friendly White House press corps for asking tough questions. Rogan praised him for pressing Psaki, who has since left for an MSNBC gig, on the vaccines.

“The hard questions were all by Peter Doocy from Fox News,” Rogan said. “He’s the only guy [who was] pushing back against her. And she just f***ing flat out lied and not just one occasion, multiple occasions.”

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