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Two Boys, Ages 10 and 14, Questioned in Beating Death of Senior Citizen in Dem-Run Paradise with Soros DA

  In yet another example of the rampant violence plaguing Democrat-run cities, a group of juveniles beat a 73-year-old man to death on June ...

 In yet another example of the rampant violence plaguing Democrat-run cities, a group of juveniles beat a 73-year-old man to death on June 24 in Philadelphia.

Now, two young brothers have surrendered to police for questioning as “persons of interest” in the incident, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer.

The boys — ages 10 and 14 — turned themselves in to the Philadelphia Police Department’s homicide unit on Monday in connection with the murder of James Lambert.

Neither was identified by police because they are both juveniles.

In an update on Monday night, KYW-TV reporter Alicia Roberts said the 14-year-old was “being processed on charges of third-degree murder and conspiracy.”

Meanwhile, Roberts said, the 10-year-old brother had been released.

Police said seven juveniles were captured on video in the attack, KYW reported.

In a video of the attack shared by police on Friday, four boys and three girls were seen yelling and motioning toward a man later identified as Lambert.

Some of the juveniles used a traffic cone to strike him, and he ultimately died from head injuries as a result.

“I just don’t understand what’s going on in our city,” Tania Stephens, Lambert’s niece, told WTXF-TV in Philadelphia. “He’s walked that path for 60, 70 years of his life, and for his life to be snuffed out like that, is just unbelievable.”

Police said they had contacted some, but not all, of the juveniles who they believe attacked Lambert. Officials expected the others to turn themselves in, KYW reported.

“This is a very, very active investigation,” District Attorney Larry Krasner said. “Things are happening hour by hour.”

When asked whether one or more of the juveniles would be charged with murder, Krasner did not mince words.

“Certainly on the very limited information we have it seems very likely, yes,” he said, according to KYW.

Krasner — a partisan Democrat who has received massive campaign contributions from billionaire left-wing activist George Soros — has been criticized for being soft on crime by many community members.

Last month, John Toomey, the father of a 15-year-old boy who was murdered in Philadelphia in March, called for Krasner’s impeachment.

“The DA’s culpable,” he said during a June 21 news conference at the Pennsylvania state Capitol in Harrisburg, according to the Delaware Valley Journal.

“Who’s going to bring him back to me?” Toomey said of his son, Sean, his voice breaking with emotion. “Who’s going to bring my boy?”

After saying Krasner was failing his duties by not prosecuting criminals, Toomey indicated the solution was clear.

“I say impeach this son of a b****,” he told the crowd.

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