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Watch: Ohio AG Exposes Biden's Story About 10-Year-Old Rape Victim Who Got an Abortion

  Joe Biden’s story of a ten-year-old girl who had to travel out of state for an abortion due to Ohio’s new abortion law is collapsing, and ...

 Joe Biden’s story of a ten-year-old girl who had to travel out of state for an abortion due to Ohio’s new abortion law is collapsing, and with the latest revelation from Ohio’s top law enforcement officer, the story now looks to be a complete fabrication.

Last Friday, Biden used the story of a young rape victim who was forced to flee Ohio because of the state’s restrictive abortion laws to bolster his radical abortion agenda.

Now Biden looks foolish for pushing the left’s favorite abortion doom story because on Monday, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost told Fox News that there is “not a whisper” anywhere in the state, among any child services agency, hospital, doctor’s office or police department, that bolsters the fabulist president’s claims.

“We have a decentralized law enforcement system in Ohio, but we have regular contact with prosecutors and local police and sheriffs,” Yost told Fox host Jesse Watters.

“Any case like this, you’re going to have a rape kit, you’re going to have biological evidence, and you would be looking for DNA analysis, which we do most of the DNA analysis in Ohio. There is no case request for analysis that looks anything like this,” Yost continued.

“I know our prosecutors and cops in this state,” the Buckeye State’s top law officer continued. “There’s not one of them that wouldn’t be turning over every rock in their jurisdiction if they had the slightest hint that this occurred there.”

Yost also warned that if there really is a doctor in Ohio urging the child to travel to Indiana for an abortion, that doctor has broken the law by not reporting a rape of a minor.

“We don’t know who the originating doctor in Ohio was, if they even exist,” Yost said. “But the bottom line is, it is a crime — if you’re a mandated reporter — to fail to report.”

It all started over a week ago when an obscure Ohio newspaper published a story that made the claim that Ohio’s new abortion restrictions caused a ten-year-old rape victim to go to another state to get an abortion. It was a tale too good to check for most leftists, who ate it up with a spoon.

But as the days wore on, several journalists began trying to verify the story. So far, no one has been able to prove any of it ever happened.

By the end of the week, The Washington Post had to admit that the story is highly dubious. It turns out that the only source for this tale comes from an extremist abortion activist named Caitlan Bernard — and Bernard is stonewalling any news outlet asking her to verify the claim.

Further, there are no records or police reports in either Indiana — where the girl supposedly went for the abortion — or Ohio — where she was reportedly raped — to confirm that such a case exists.

The Post added that child services agencies in Ohio’s biggest cities — Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo — had no records of any such child rape.

In addition, journalist Megan Fox of PJ Media posted an epic Twitter thread trying to track down all the dead ends in this story and concluded it had to be nothing but fake news.

In other words, this story seems very much like a lie created by an abortion extremist to push her corrupt agenda.

Despite the fact that this story is so problematic that even The Washington Post can’t give it the seal of approval, Joe Biden used it to push his abortion agenda last week.

“Imagine being that little girl,” Biden said from the White House on July 8. “I’m serious, just imagine being that little girl. Ten years old!”

This isn’t some imagined horror. It’s already happening. Just last week, it was reported that a 10-year-old girl was a rape victim in Ohio — 10 years old — and she was forced to have to travel out of the state, to Indiana, to seek to terminate the presidency [pregnancy] and maybe save her life. That’s — the last part is my judgment. Ten years old. Ten years old. Raped, six weeks pregnant. Already traumatized. Was forced to travel to another state. Imagine being that little girl. Just — I’m serious — just imagine being that little girl. Ten years old.

Does anyone believe that it’s the highest majority view that that should not be able to be dealt with, or in any other state in the nation? A 10-year-old girl should be forced to give birth to a rapist’s child? I can tell you what: I don’t. I can’t think of anything as much more extreme.

This story has suffered an epic collapse in veracity. Yet, liberals keep pushing it as if it were true. Apparently, they still believe in the “big lie” theory of policy making.

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