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Sloppy Criminal Action by Chris Wray’s FBI: Feds Secretly Spied on Steve Bannon’s Lawyer Robert Costello and Other Innocent Americans Named Robert Costello

  In the latest infringement on individual rights federal prosecutors obtained the emails and other personal records  illegally  from Steve ...


In the latest infringement on individual rights federal prosecutors obtained the emails and other personal records illegally from Steve Bannon’s attorney Robert Costello.

But it was much worse than that.

Chris Wray’s FBI also went after numerous Americans who had THE SAME NAME as Steve Bannon’s attorney, Robert Costello.

That’s correct. The FBI was also spying on other Americans with the name of “Robert Costello.”
What a shocking revelation!

The Daily Beast reported:

When the FBI wanted the email and phone records for Steve Bannon’s lawyer Bob Costello, they didn’t just take the extraordinary and legally questionable step of subpoenaing his records. Bannon’s legal team is now claiming the FBI actually laid down a dragnet that caught the private information of Bob Costellos of all ages across the country.

“This prosecution team, in their zeal to obtain personal and professional email and telephone records for Mr. Bannon’s attorney, Robert Costello, was beyond reckless,” Bannon’s defense lawyers said in court documents on Tuesday.

In court filings, they accused the Justice Department of violating “Costello’s privacy rights, the 6th Amendments right of Mr. Costello’s other clients, and the privacy rights of other ‘Robert Costellos’ who had that name, but were not Mr. Bannon’s attorney.”

The Daily Beast previously reported how the FBI potentially crossed a red line by targeting Bannon’s lawyer—a rare step during a criminal case that’s only justified if the lawyer is also involved in a crime.

But the FBI’s supposed dragnet of multiple Bob Costellos also hints at sloppy police work that could draw criticism on investigators already accused of a politically charged prosecution.

“This is alarming but unfortunately common,” said Pennsylvania State University law professor Raff Donelson. “The FBI should not request—and magistrates should not grant—warrants to search every Bob Costello, because that runs afoul of the probable cause and particularity requirements. Unfortunately, the courts have narrowed the paths for other Bob Costellos to receive effective recompense, and that is a great shame.”

Bannon has been criminally charged with contempt of Congress for refusing to testify or turn over documents to the House Jan. 6 Committee, which is investigating the insurrection that illegally tried to keep former President Donald Trump in office.

If your name is “Robert Costello” you may want to find a good attorney.

This is the FBI under Chris Wray – totally corrupt, sloppy and abusive.

The criminal activity by the crooked FBI must be rooted out. There must be repercussions. Or, we will lose our country and our rights forever.

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