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'Nothing is Off the Table': Biden's Surgeon General Admits the Hated Vax Mandate May Expand Once Again

  If the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate on employers with more than 100 workers survives its pending legal challenges, it still migh...

 If the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate on employers with more than 100 workers survives its pending legal challenges, it still might not be the end of the push to impose vaccine mandates, Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy indicated Sunday.

Murthy appeared on the ABC News show “This Week” to provide a glossy narrative of what the administration says is the framework of the success of Biden’s vaccine mandate, according to ABC.

Co-anchor Martha Raddatz asked what came next.

“And, Dr. Murthy, if the law survives legal challenges, will the administration be extending the mandate to smaller employers with fewer than 100 employees?” she said.

“Well, Martha, certainly nothing is off the table at this moment. But the focus right now is on implementing the current rule that OSHA put out,” Murthy said.

Murthy said the vaccine mandate would be defended to the hilt.

“The president and the administration wouldn’t have put these requirements in place if they didn’t think that they were appropriate and necessary, and the administration is certainly prepared to defend them,” he said.

President Joe Biden in September announced that his administration was brewing up a mandate that all employers with more than 100 workers would have to ensure all employees were vaccinated.

What emerged on Thursday was a rule from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that gave employers until Jan. 4 to have a mandate in place that required either vaccination or weekly testing.

“It’s important we take every measure possible to make our workplaces safer,” Murthy said.

“It’s good for people’s health; it’s good for the economy, and that’s why these requirements make so much sense.”

Murthy said he knows employers like what the Biden administration is doing.

“I hear time and time again, from small businesses, large businesses and workers is that what’s really hurting the economy is actually COVID itself,” Murthy said.

“There are times where we recognize that our decisions have a broader effect on people around us. COVID has reminded us of that, and that’s why having these types of requirements in workplaces will be not only helpful, it’s a necessary step to accelerate our pathway out of the pandemic,” he explained.

Republicans, however, see the issue in starkly opposite terms. Republican states have filed suit to block the mandate.  Congressional Republicans will also be doing what they can, according to Fox News.

Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Fred Keller said he and Republican Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana will try to use the Congressional Review Act to block the executive order Biden issued that led to the OSHA rule.

“The Congressional Review Act allows us as members of Congress to keep the executive branch in check when they release these mandates, and we’re exercising our constitutional authority,” Keller said, according to Fox.

“The federal government does not rule over the people. States make up the federal government,” he said. “It is we the people that give the government its power; the government does not give power to the people.”

“We’re taking this step to give the freedom back to the American people … and take it from a president that doesn’t have the authority to do this,” Keller continued.

“We’re standing up for the people that we represent, and we’re standing up for all Americans in making sure their constitutional rights aren’t infringed upon by an overzealous executive.”

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