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GOP Senatorial Candidate Blake Masters Nails It on The War Room – How to Save America from Big Tech (VIDEO)

  On Tuesday morning Arizona Senate candidate  Blake Masters  joined Steve Bannon on  The War Room  to discuss the existential threat of Big...


On Tuesday morning Arizona Senate candidate Blake Masters joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the existential threat of Big Tech on America’s future.

Blake Masters, a 34-year-old chief operating officer at investment firm Thiel Capital and native Arizonan, launched his campaign for US Senator from Arizona in July. Since his launch, Blake has appeared on several media hits including The Gateway Pundit and The War Room.

For years Blake worked running Peter Thiel’s venture capital fund in Silicon Valley. The fund today is worth upwards of $45 billion.

On Tuesday on The War Room Blake and Steve discussed the growing threat of the tech giant authoritarians.

Blake listed off five common-sense ideas on how to save America from these online tyrants.

1.) Take away the Section 230 immunity that is corporate welfare for Big Tech
2.) Make Facebook and Twitter common carriers – The phone company can’t kick you or me off for having a conservative conversation
3.) Google and Facebook should be broken up. No reason that they should have Facebook, What’s App, and Instagram so they can suck up your data
4.) We need comprehensive data privacy legislation – You own your data not giant international corporations
5.) Google can change elections via their search engine – is enemy number one when it comes to election integrity

These are excellent points that just make sense.
By the way— When you search on Bing or DuckDuckGo the first search item that pops up is on car “brakes.”

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