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NEW CNN POLL: 52% of Americans Lack Confidence In Elections...Up 12 Points Since January

  A majority of Republicans believe the November 2020 election was stolen. Unfortunately, for Democrats, it’s not only Republicans who no lo...

 A majority of Republicans believe the November 2020 election was stolen. Unfortunately, for Democrats, it’s not only Republicans who no longer have faith in our elections. Americans of every political persuasion are questioning the integrity of our election after watching Joe Biden’s first nine months in office that can only be described as an epic fail.

His press conferences are incoherent.  Shortly after his inauguration, the world watched him trip and fall several times while attempting the simple task of walking up the stairs to Air Force One. One of Joe Biden’s first acts as our “president” was to stop the construction of the border wall. While allowing over one million mostly unvaccinated and unvetted illegal aliens to walk through our open borders and into communities across America, Biden and his “vice president,” Kamala Harris, refused to take the necessary steps to secure our borders. Instead of planning for a safe and efficient withdrawal from Afghanistan, Joe Biden and his regime have instead focused on pushing CRT and welcoming transgenders in the military. The Biden regime’s lack of focus and planning for America’s evacuation from Afghanistan led to the murder of 13 US service members by a suicide bomber.

Is it any wonder that most Americans are left wondering who in the world voted for Joe Biden and if we should trust future elections?

A new CNN poll reveals Republicans are far more likely than Democrats to say that democracy is under attack, and that view is most prevalent among those who support former President Donald Trump. All told, 75% of Republicans say democracy is under attack, compared with 46% of Democrats. Among Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, those who say Trump ought to be the leader of the party are much likelier to see democracy as under threat: 79% in that group vs. 51% among those who say Trump should not be the party’s leader.

Among Republicans, 78% say that Biden did not win and 54% believe there is solid evidence of that, despite the fact that no such evidence exists. That view is also deeply connected to support for Trump. Among Republicans who say Trump should be the leader of the party, 88% believe Biden lost — including 64% who say there is solid evidence that he did not win — while among those Republicans who do not want Trump to lead the Party, 57% say Biden won legitimately.

Looking to future elections, 51% of all Americans say it’s at least somewhat likely that an election in the next few years will be overturned by elected officials because their party lost, while 49% say that is unlikely.

Democrats and independents, though, are driving a drop in confidence that American elections reflect the will of the people. A narrow majority overall, 52%, now say they lack that confidence, up from 40% who felt that way in January. Among Democrats, confidence has dipped from 90% in January to 69% now, and among independents, it’s fallen from 54% to 46% over that time, while Republican confidence has held about even and now stands at 24%.

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