"I'm ashamed for my ancestors' race." (Picture)


Lindsey Lovel Heidrich. Brooklyn, New York.

Lindsey Lovel Heidrich works on criminal justice reform from a large New York philanthropic organization, but her roots are in the South. She was born in Arkansas and later moved to San Diego and Atlanta. She says that her ancestors had a small plantation in Georgia and owned slaves. "When I try to raise the issue or try to criticize the South, anyway, in my house it never feels good," says Lindsay, 33. My family is the one that has raised me and made me who I am, but we understand our past in irreconcilable ways. It's almost as if we're looking through two totally different lenses, and I'm having a hard time figured out how we can get closer in this regard, probably more today than we did ten years ago."

"I'm ashamed for my ancestors' race." (Picture) "I'm ashamed for my ancestors' race." (Picture) Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 01:30 Rating: 5

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