Pennsylvania GOP Discusses Censure For Sen. Toomey After He Voted To Impeach President Trump

 The AP is reporting that “Pennsylvania’s Republican Party is planning a meeting to potentially discuss censuring U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey over his vote to convict Donald Trump during the former president’s second impeachment trial, county party officials said Monday.”

The state GOP chairman, Lawrence Tabas, reportedly emailed the county party chairs “to tell them that a meeting is being planned to discuss the Senate’s impeachment vote.” Toomey will join several other Republicans reprimanded by their county GOP for going against the voters’ wishes.

The report said that several counties already voted in favor of censuring Sen. Toomey before he voted to impeach President Trump on Saturday. Toomey was able to calm the waters after a Feb. 6 committee meeting where the resolution to censure Sen. Toomey came up for discussion among the state leadership. The report said, “they decided against bringing it to a vote by the full state committee after speaking with Toomey about it, county party chairs said.”

Sen. Toomey already announced that he wasn’t running for re-election after recently winning his re-election bid for a second term. The GOP chairman in Washington County told the publication that Toomey’s censure came after the senator betrayed his constituents and allowed the trial to move forward in the first place.

York county chair Jeff Piccola said that Toomey is no longer recognized as “a creditable representative of our party” after York voted to censure Sen. Toomey. Piccola says it’s “so sad that Sen. Toomey has never attempted to reach out to the York County Republican Party to justify his vote to proceed with the House’s impeachment of President Trump with an investigation evidence or due process.”

Dawn Keefer is the state representative who proposed the censure. Keefer said, “For the past four years, Sen. Toomey sat silently as a hyper-partisan Democrat Congress relentlessly attacked President Trump, impeaching him twice on fabricated charges. Given his recent support of the second unconstitutional impeachment effort against a president who is no longer in office, the York County Republican Committee has reached the limits of its frustration.”

Now that several county parties voted to censure the Republican turncoat, he’ll have little coverage at the state level.

Sen. Pat Toomey will hopefully join the club of Republicans who are being held accountable for going against the voters. The impeachment against President Trump has been an unrelenting anything goes attack for five years. Republicans like Toomey weaken our party, and it’s time they leave.

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