Leftist Talk Show Host Fowler: Statue of Lincoln and Freed Slave ‘Represents the Worst of America’ (5 Cartoons)

Leftist talk show host Richard Fowler just made the insane claim during a Fox News interview that the statue of Lincoln and the freed slave represents the very worst of America.
During a discussion of statues and monuments Fowler said “I think this is a larger conversation about what we choose to commemorate here in the United States of America as far as these statues go. But let’s be very clear. These groups of individuals, these men that have been glorified in these statues all across the country represent the worst of America.”
“They’re not America’s dream, they’re America’s nightmare. Because they are representing some of the most horrific times in this country when slavery was in play, when Jim Crow was in play, when segregation was in play. All things that we can agree are bad. So why are we commemorating these individuals,” he added.
America’s Newsroom host Leland Vitter tried to get Fowler to clarify his statement and asked “I’m just trying to understand, are you talking about statues of Confederate generals or are you talking about statues of Grant, Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln?”
Fowler then proved how ignorant and uneducated he is when he claimed “I’m talking about those of Confederate generals, and I’m also talking about statues that depict recently freed African-Americans kneeling to President Lincoln. Those are statues that I think represent the worst of America, to be clear.”

Watch via Fox News:

How a clearly ignorant moron like him hosts a talk show is beyond me.
The statue Fowler claims represents the worst of America was funded entirely by the wages of freed slaves and former Union Army soldiers.
The Emancipation Memorial, also known as the Freedman’s Memorial or the Emancipation Group is a monument in Lincoln Park in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Washington, D.C. It was sometimes referred to as the “Lincoln Memorial” before the more prominent so-named memorial was dedicated in 1922.
Designed and sculpted by Thomas Ball and erected in 1876, the monument depicts Abraham Lincoln holding a copy of his Emancipation Proclamation freeing a male African American slave modeled on Archer Alexander. The ex-slave is depicted on one knee, with one fist clenched, shirtless and broken shackles at the president’s feet.
The Emancipation Memorial statue was funded by the wages of freed slaves.
The statue originally faced west towards the U.S. Capitol until it was rotated east in 1974 in order to face the newly erected Mary McLeod Bethune Memorial.
So if this statue represent the “worst of America” then Fowler’s goal is nothing less than the destruction of the USA as we know it, given this statue represents the very best of America.
Here’s more from Wikipedia on the funding for the “worst of America” statue of Lincoln and a freed slave:
The funding drive for the monument began, according to much-publicized newspaper accounts from the era, with $5 given by former slave Charlotte Scott of Virginia, then residing with the family of her former master in Marietta, Ohio, for the purpose of creating a memorial honoring Lincoln. The Western Sanitary Commission, a St. Louis-based volunteer war-relief agency, joined the effort and raised some $20,000 before announcing a new $50,000 goal.
According to the National Park Service, the monument was paid for solely by former slaves:
The campaign for the Freedmen’s Memorial Monument to Abraham Lincoln, as it was to be known, was not the only effort of the time to build a monument to Lincoln; however, as the only one soliciting contributions exclusively from those who had most directly benefited from Lincoln’s act of emancipation it had a special appeal … The funds were collected solely from freed slaves (primarily from African American Union veterans) …
The turbulent politics of the reconstruction era affected the fundraising campaign on many levels. The Colored People’s Educational Monument Association headed by Henry Highland Garnet wanted the monument to serve a didactic purpose as a school where freedmen could elevate themselves through learning. Frederick Douglass disagreed and thought the goal of education was incommensurate with that of remembering Lincoln.
To me there is no question, the Lincoln statue represents the very best of America, and Richard Fowler and his fellow far left comrades represent the very worst of America.
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