Senior Democrat Defies the BLM Narrative, Defunding Police Would Hurt Fight Against MS-13 (5 Cartoons)

Watch as Steve Bellone, a Democrat and Suffolk County executive blows the Democrats narrative about the police and defies BLM, claiming that defunding law enforcement would seriously impair the fight against MS-13 and other dangerous groups.
Bellone is right of course.
Defunding or even partially defunding the police will make American cities far more dangerous.

KILMEADE: “Our next guest, a Democrat, says without that law enforcement we would not have a fighting chance against gangs like MS-13 which has terrorized some suburban communities. Here to explain Suffolk County executive, New York executive, I should say, Steve Bellone. Steve, when you heard about defund and dismantle the police and knowing that it’s supported by liberal cities, liberal meaning Democrat, what were you thinking?”
BELLONE: “We we’ve had 100 protests here in Suffolk county. We certainly understand the pain and the anger and the frustration people are expressing and the work that needs to be done. But this notion of defunding the police and what it implies that somehow we don’t need the police doesn’t make sense.
It may make for catchy slogan at a protest but as a matter of public policy, it just doesn’t work.
The fact of the matter is crime has not gone away. Every day there are bad people out there trying to do bad things and it could be property crimes, violent crimes, domestic violence incidents.
We have our police officers breaking up sex trafficking rings. And battling brutal criminal organizations like MS-13 to get them off our streets. Just this past week we had somebody walked into one of our local hospitals with a backpack that had explosives and hatchet concealed and it was off duty police officer that saw something suspicious that ultimately allowed our detectives to apprehend this individual and prevent a tragedy from happening.
That’s what police do every single day and when we call 911 we have a right to expect and people expect that the police will be there to respond.”
KILMEADE: “Steve, you’ve got diverse area. You have some areas that are very African-American centric and like — and you have stuff that is the richest people in America in the Hamptons. Do you sense that there should be any reform to the way Suffolk polices?”
BELLONE: “I will tell you this. As I mentioned we had over 100 protests. They have all been peaceful.
We have not seen the kind of incidents, the looting and violence that has occurred in other places around the country and I think think that’s because we have for years been working to build relations with all of our communities across the county. And that means bringing people together, the police stake holders, having conversations, listening to one another and building that mutual trust and respect.
Based on that work, we have been able to make progress here. And I think — look moving forward, we are also looking to do better and to be better and have those conversations. I think as we move forward and look at criminal justice here in the state, they are starting to look at the court system and how do we make that independent, how do we select judges?
I think this isn’t just policing. We need to have broader conversation.
The police are out there doing the must difficult work, putting their own safety on the line every day. And we need to recognize that even in the midst of what is happening in our country.”
Senior Democrat Defies the BLM Narrative, Defunding Police Would Hurt Fight Against MS-13 (5 Cartoons) Senior Democrat Defies the BLM Narrative, Defunding Police Would Hurt Fight Against MS-13 (5 Cartoons) Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 01:25 Rating: 5

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