Herman Cain: Trump's Policies Are Winning Over African-Americans

On a recent flight home from Los Angeles, I noticed a young man waiting to talk to me as I got off the plane. He had recognized me on the flight and it was clear he wanted to say something to me.
As I approached him, he extended his hand.
“Mr. Cain,” he said, “I want you to know that I fully support President Trump.”
Now you might not consider this all that remarkable. Lots of people support President Trump and are happy to say so.
But as much as this shouldn’t be the case, it still gets my attention when the person expressing their support for the president is – like this young man – black.
I always emphasize that black people are not monolithic. We don’t all think the same, and we don’t all hold the same opinions. That’s really not so surprising. It just means we think for ourselves.
Even so, with most polls showing more than 90 percent of black people vote Democrat, it’s clear that groupthink has afflicted the black population when it comes to politics. And much of that owes to the idea – long promoted by Democrats and the media even if it’s completely false – that Republicans are racists, or at least sympathetic to racists.
And there is no Republican they’ve said this about more than they’ve said it about Donald Trump.
Yet this young man has seen right through it. He explained to me that he’s a small-business owner. He’s got 25 employees and he’s doing his best to keep his company prospering and growing. The biggest challenge, he says, is finding good people – and particularly finding people whose systems are clean, if you see what I’m getting at.
In the midst of all these challenges, his company is doing well, and he recognizes that the policies of President Trump have had a lot to do with setting the stage for his success.
He hasn’t been influenced by the rhetoric, the innuendo and the propaganda. He’s looking at the results. He works hard at his business, and he understands the dynamics that are necessary if he’s going to succeed. He recognizes that it’s President Trump’s policies that are creating that necessary environment for success.
There are some who will say – just as they’ve said about me – that a black man supporting Donald Trump is a “traitor to his race” or some such thing. But this is a man who’s creating jobs for people and helping them to improve their lives. If supporting the president whose policies help make that happen makes him a traitor to his race, then it’s a race that’s got its priorities seriously out of whack.
But that’s not the case at all. As more people benefit from President Trump’s policies (example: the lowest black unemployment in recorded history), you are seeing more and more people who used to vote Democrat by rote really thinking about the choices they’re making.
For all the hyperventilating about everything where this president is concerned, you can’t deny the results. That’s why this young man wanted me to know the president has his support. 
How many others are there who feel the same way, but didn’t happen to be on a plane with me to tell me about it? From what I hear from people on a day-to-day basis, I’m confident there are a lot.
And that has the Democrats and the media terrified. As it should.
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