Mark Levin Slams Democrats And Media For One-Sided Hypocrisy On Iran (AUDIO)

When it comes to Iran. it’s hard to imagine how Democrats and the media could have handled the last few days any worse.
They have all been in such a mad dash to make this a negative for Trump, that they have completely abandoned any sense of honesty.
Talk host Mark Levin recently called them out during a rant on his show.
The Washington Free Beacon reports: 
Mark Levin Rips Media, Dems Over Iran Coverage: The Victims of This Regime Get No Attention
Conservative radio host Mark Levin ripped the media and Democrats for not being harsh enough on the Iranian regime while discussing President Donald Trump’s national address Wednesday night.
“One hundred and fifty billion dollars to Iran. They’re not using it on infrastructure, they’re not using it to feed their people, they’re not using it for good,” Levin said, referring to funds that became available to Iran due to the United States unfreezing assets during negotiations for the Iran nuclear deal. “They’re using it for the military state that it is. That’s what they’re doing.”
“And yet the apologists and the appeasers and the supporters for this regime in our media and the Democrat Party just keep at it,” he continued. “And Susan Rice among others say, ‘Well, it was their money to begin with.’ The reason that money was withheld by past administrations is because it’s a terrorist regime. And that’s what you do with terrorist regimes. You deal with them at all levels, including economic and financial.”
Listen to the audio below:
Levin has been speaking out on Twitter as well:
1. Thanks to the president's strategic actions, and the Trump Doctrine, for the first time since the Reagan administration, Iran has lost and we have won.  No doubt this infuriates the Democrats and the Democrat Party-press, which has been trashing the president for days.
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2. The president also announced that there will be even more economic sanctions on the Iranian regime, and NATO will be more active in addressing any future Iranian military or terrorist actions against our country and fellow countrymen.
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All excellent points.
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