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Flashback: Corrupt DOJ and Mueller Attorney Van Grack Committed Many False and Fraudulent Activities in His Efforts to Indict General Flynn

On Monday the Justice Department reversed its prior recommendation and asked that General Flynn be incarcerated for up to 6 months! This...

On Monday the Justice Department reversed its prior recommendation and asked that General Flynn be incarcerated for up to 6 months!
This was after the DOJ previously said Flynn had assisted them in their investigation.
Far left DOJ Attorney is the lead attorney who made the recommendations today.
As reported earlier by Joe Hoft — Van Grack has a very corrupt background.

Corrupt DOJ Attorney Brandon Van Grack was involved in numerous corrupt and fraudulent activities in efforts to indict General Michael Flynn.

In May 2018 we reported on the 13 Angry Democrats on Robert Mueller’s investigative team including Obama donor Brandon Van Grack.  CNN had heralded Van Grack as follows –
Brandon Van Grack served in the Justice Department’s National Security Division. He prosecuted counter-espionage cases in the department’s Counterintelligence and Export Control Section.
His Role on Mueller team:

Van Grack was one of the lawyers on Mueller’s team that handled the Flynn investigation, set-up and guilty plea.
He is overseeing Flynn’s case in court.
Notable cases:
Van Grack was involved in several high-profile cyber and counter-terrorism cases, including the prosecution of a Kosovo hacker who gave personal information of US service members to ISIS. The hacker, Ardit Ferizi, was sentenced to 20 years in prison, according to a DOJ press release.
Van Grack also helped prosecute a US government employee who took home classified documents that contained national defense information. National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency employee Mohan L. Nirala was found guilty after federal agents made a forced entry into his home and discovered over 500 pages of classified documents in his basement, according to a DOJ press release.
What CNN Left Out in their report on Van Grack–  He led a grand jury inquiry in Northern Virginia scrutinizing former Trump associate Michael Flynn’s foreign lobbying. And Van Grack donated to the Obama campaign.

Following the corrupt Mueller investigation, Van Grack was promoted to head the DOJ’s FARA Unit.  Van Grack should not be leading any unit in the DOJ, he should be in prison. 

The following Twitter thread outlines many of corrupt DOJ attorney Van Grack’s crimes when working for the Mueller gang
Via Techno Fog:

Van Grack is a crooked cop and Deep State attorney.  He simply is a crook and must be held accountable.  It’s time that the DOJ give itself an enema.  Van Grack must go.

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