Cuomo's Claim No Hurricanes, Tornadoes in NY Before Climate Change Is Huge Lie

Upstate New York was met with disaster this week as record-breaking torrential downpours caused severe flash flooding across numerous counties.
Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo did not miss a beat and directly tied the now deadly disaster, according to WRGB, to climate change.
Taking a break Friday from visits to a number of the state’s most heavily affected cities and towns, Cuomo appeared on MSNBC, telling audiences nationwide New York simply did not experience natural disasters like Thursday’s before climate change began taking place.
The progressive governor was anything but inhibited in his assessment, referring to skeptics and detractors as “delusional.”
“Anyone who questions extreme weather and climate change is just delusional at this point,” Cuomo told MSNBC. “We have seen, in the state of New York, what everyone has seen. We’ve seen these weather patterns that we never had before.
“We didn’t have hurricanes, we didn’t have superstorms, we didn’t have tornadoes,” he continued. “This is a storm that came up just overnight, dropped about 5 inches of rain, and it was, literally, a matter of life and death for people.”
“This is a recurring pattern, and anyone who is still in denial is making a very serious mistake,” the governor later reiterated.
Of course, Cuomo is right in pointing out that storms like these are often tragic “matters of life and death.”
But the governor’s statement that these storms did not happen before climate change could be a bit delusional — at least, if broad-brush statements rewriting natural disasters out of New York’s lengthy history are, in his mind, anything more than words invested with the intention of accruing political capital with the now climate-obsessed American Left.
At the very least, it seems Cuomo is in desperate need of a good old-fashioned lesson in the disaster history of his state.
Especially seeing as, the Democrat and Chronicle’s NY Databases reports, the state may not be “thought of as tornado-prone, but [it] has recorded more than 400 twisters since the official record began in 1950.”
This is an average of nine tornadoes per year, twelve of which have been life-threatening. A database map also shows these tornadoes have been rather evenly distributed throughout the entirety of the state for as long they have been recorded.
Worse still for New York’s staunch Democratic governor, a 2012 report from WNBC detailing the state’s hurricane history mentions 13 considerable hurricanes, which buffeted the state between 1821 and 2011.
But then again, who am I to rain on Cuomo’s sensationalist climate parade with such inconsequential things as facts and statistics.
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