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NEW VIDEO: Leftists sucker punch, put choke hold on man trying to hang on to his MAGA hat outside President Trump's Minneapolis rally

We know about the l eftist protesters who threw urine, burned "Make America Great Again" hats , and even  spit on a supporter o...

But a new video released by Minnesota's Alpha News reveals quite a bit more about what happened in the streets Thursday night.

Sucker punches, choke hold

Leftists outside the rally cursed out a man who was wearing a MAGA hat — the iconic symbol of Trump's 2016 presidential campaign.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

But it soon got quite a bit worse for him.
As he tried to prevent protesters from taking his MAGA hat, one guy put a choke hold on him.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Seconds later, a protester sucker punched him from behind.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

As he tried to walk away he got sucker punched two more times — once from behind and once from the side.

When he was interviewed on video afterward — with what appeared to be welts visible over his right eye — he explained he was simply trying to find a cab and go home when he was attacked.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

"Unfortunately it's not too surprising considering what I've seen," he said.

What else?

The clip also showed a woman, who was holding the hand of a man wearing a MAGA hoodie, getting slapped in the head from behind. (Is that how leftists roll when it comes to fisticuffs? Make sure they're in a mob of like-minded cronies then attack Trump supporters when they're not looking?)

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Also, one protester chanted "save a life, kill a cop!" as police marched down a street.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Another protester gave a double finger to officers and yelled "f*** you!" over and over again as they passed by.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

  • Leftists attacked vehicles leaving the area.
  • A protester yelled, "Nazi! Get the f***ing Nazi! Get him! Get him!"
  • Protesters chanted "I'm so bored with the USA!" and "USA equals 'you suck ass!'"
Here's the video. The entire thing is worth watching, but the incident involving attackers putting a choke hold on the Trump supporter and sucker punching him begins at the 25-second mark. (Content warning: Language):

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