School Pulls Yearbook With Christian Symbol After Calling Candy Canes ‘Too Religious’

Students at an Omaha, Nebraska school had voted to put an image of inspirational words in the shape of a cross on the cover of their yearbook.
The cross-shaped image included words like love, imagine, dream and faith.
Several weeks after the yearbooks had been printed an objection was raised, by an unknown person, about the cross shaped image on the yearbook cover, as Fox News reports
Kara Perchal, a spokeswoman for Elkhorn Public Schools, said leaders of the school’s parent-teacher organization, which oversees the yearbook, decided to scrub the kids’ choice from the cover.
The PTO reprinted the yearbooks without the cross shape and just a sky on the cover.
PTO President Andrea Abrahamson told the Omaha World-Herald that the board “voted unanimously to reprint the cover as it was not sensitive to our all-student agenda.”
This is a real shame. The students wishes were overruled because a single unknown person objected. What lesson are the students being taught in this instance?
Incidents like this is why more and more parents are opting out of the system and choosing to home school or send their children to private schools.
Parents of students at Elkhorn Public Schools were not happy with this decision.
“I never imagined that Elkhorn PTO members would cave to political correctness – shame on each of them for having such a lack of consideration for the children who chose the cross for THEIR yearbook cover,” one angry citizen wrote on Facebook. “This is pathetic leadership and they should all resign their positions immediately.”
The Omaha World-Herald has some background on why Elkhorn Public School students may have picked the design:
The initial cover featured inspiring words, including faith, hope and dream, in the shape of a cross. The design is one of the covers available from Memory Book Company, a yearbook vendor.
The cover is one of at least 50 free covers on the company’s website. The covers vary from cartoonish to dreamy, abstract, patriotic and religious.
The cross cover, which the company calls “Love & Faith,” is described on the website as a “beautiful cover perfect for parochial schools.”
The people who run the PTO at Elkhorn Public Schools should be ashamed of themselves for their decision.
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