If Libs Care About Immigrant Kids, Somebody Explain Why These 3 Children Had To Die

We’re told over and over again by the left that they care about illegal immigrant children. Not only that, but we’re told liberals have a monopoly on caring about them.
How many times have you heard the three-word construction “children in cages?”
How many times has familial separation at the border been talked about as if though it were only a Trump administration issue, as if it had never been done under the Obama administration?
All right, then. If that’s the case, how come we haven’t heard about the three children who were found dead near the border in Hidalgo County, Texas on Sunday?
Now, to start with, we don’t know who the children were yet.
However, given the location where they were found, it’s not unlikely they were trying to cross the border illegally.
The two infants and a toddler, who were discovered with the body of a 20-year-old woman, were found in the Las Palomas Wildlife Management Area.
According to The Washington Post, authorities have described it as a prime area for illegal border crossings and drug trafficking.
“It is an area very well known for immigrants crossing the river,” Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sgt. Frank Medrano told The Post.
As The Hill noted, the area has also seen an increase in asylum claims in recent months.
Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra announced the deaths on Twitter:

BREAKING NEWS: Deputies are on scene by the river SE of the Anzalduas Park in Las Paloma Wildlife Management Area where Border Patrol agents located 4 deceased bodies. Bodies appear to be 2 infants, a toddler and 20yoa female. Deputies are awaiting FBI agents who will be leading.

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“Deputies are awaiting FBI agents who will be leading” the investigation, Guerra wrote.
The Washington Examiner pointed out that 96 bodies had been discovered in the Rio Grande Valley area of Texas, where Hidalgo County is located, in the 2018 fiscal year.

So, tell me — where is this in the conversation?
After all, the reason why men, women and children choose to cross such desolate and inhospitable stretches of desert is because of the perverse incentives.
The border should be fortified in order to ensure that immigrants come through legal ports of entry if they’re looking to enter the country legally or have a credible asylum claim.
If one of those circumstances does not apply, they should be kept away so there’s no incentive to engage in dangerous behavior — particularly with children.
Instead, we simply don’t talk about the fact that children are impacted by policies that leave the border insecure and which protect illegal immigrants once they arrive here.
When we describe caravans as consisting mostly of “women and children” to invoke sympathy, we don’t acknowledge that these are parents marching children across enormous distances — often with the aid of human traffickers, who aren’t necessarily known as unalloyed protectors of those in their charge — in order to commit a crime.
Instead, what we focus on are “children in cages” and the problems created by illegal immigration — not stopping illegal immigration, which should be our first concern.
We don’t know what happened to this woman and the children she was with. We can probably take an educated guess, however.
It’s an outrage — and even more of an outrage is the fact that liberals aren’t going to be talking about it.
They likely owe these children an apology that tragically, they’ll never hear.
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