AOC Takes Break from Hating Capitalism To Defend Friend’s $675/Hr Job

Far-left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took a break from criticizing capitalism and economic inequality to mock a reporter’s salary and defend her friend’s $675 per hour job.
Ocasio-Cortez mocked CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski after he tweeted an article from The Washington Post about Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s career as a lawyer.
“While teaching, Elizabeth Warren worked on more than 50 legal matters, charging as much as $675 an hour,” Kaczynski tweeted.

Warren’s lucrative legal career could explain why the senator has a net worth of millions. And though Ocasio-Cortez is a frequent critic of the wealthy and supposed defender of the working class, she defended Warren’s wealth and mocked Kaczynski’s salary.
“BREAKING NEWS: Lady Had A Job, Got Paid More Than Me,” Ocasio-Cortez mocked.
Ocasio-Cortez’s hypocritical stance is not surprising when one considers her friendly relationship with Warren.
The two lawmakers even made a “Game of Thrones” reaction video together, in which they complained about HBO’s lack of “feminist analysis.”
It’s been over 24 hours. No more spoiler alerts. Here’s why @AOC and I are officially on now.
But imagine if one of Ocasio-Cortez’s political opponents made more than $600 an hour. The self-identified socialist would complain about “privilege” and “wealth inequality” while praising the journalist who reported the news.
Since Warren is a friend of Ocasio-Cortez and a fellow far-left Democrat, she gets a pass and the journalist gets mocked. 
Ocasio-Cortez is a phony, a liberal elitist whose talking points about “wealth inequality” merely pay lip service to her naive constituents.
After all, Ocasio-Cortez is a socialist. In most socialist regimes, rank-and-file workers get deceived and the socialist politicians become wealthy.
Even the socialist’s constituents are starting to turn against her, in part because she pushed away Amazon and 25,000 new jobs.

It’s surprising that anybody still supports Ocasio-Cortez.
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