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Police Detained A Parrot For Warning Its Owner About A Drug Raid. Yes, A Parrot.

A parrot was detained by police in Brazil after the feathered fiend warned its drug-dealing owners that police were approaching. The...

A parrot was detained by police in Brazil after the feathered fiend warned its drug-dealing owners that police were approaching.

The parrot started yelling as the police approached its home Monday afternoon, The Guardian reported. The bird shouted “Mama, police!” authorities said.
“He must have been trained for this,” one officer who was part of the raid toldBrazilian media outlets. “As soon as the police got close he started shouting.”
Since being detained, the bird, whose name has not been released according to The Guardian, has kept its beak shut. One Brazilian journalist described the animal as a “super obedient” bird.
“So far it hasn’t made a sound … completely silent,” said the reporter, who appears to have attempted to interview the winged whistleblower.
A veterinarian in the area, Alexandre Clark, told one Brazilian media outlet that ““Lots of police officers have come by and he’s said nothing,” referring to the parrot.
Brazilian media outlet Meio Norte (Media North) posted footage of the bird refusing to answer questions. In the video, the bird sits atop police documents in what looks like an interview room, ignoring questions.

The Washington Post reported that the accused human’s defense attorney, Salma Barros, doubted the police’s claims of the talking bird because the animal had been so quiet in police custody.
Local media reported that the bird has been entered into a diversion program at a local zoo, where he will spend three months being taught to fly (and probably taught the error of his ways). The tight-beaked criminal will then be released.
Along with the bird, the police raid resulted in the arrests of an adult man and teenage girl, according to local Brazilian media, as well as the seizure of bags of crack cocaine, so even though the parrot tried to warn his family of the impending raid, they were still caught.
The Guardian also reported that other animals have been detained for their involvement in the country’s drug trade.
“In 2008, police seized two small alligators during a raid on a favela in western Rio de Janeiro, claiming local gangsters had fed their enemies to the animals. However, the father of one of the accused gangsters rejected those accusations, alleging his son’s gang had once tried to do so – but the alligator had refused to eat the corpse,” The Guardian reported.
This isn’t even the first parrot to aid his family in their drug dealings. The Post reported that in 2010, a Colombian parrot, who is not being named by The Daily Wire, yelled “Run! Run!” to his owners as police approached their home. The avian offender was alleged to have been guarding the family’s weapons and marijuana stash.
Colombian officials at the time told the Associated Press that this was one of 1,700birds recently detained by authorities for acting as lookouts for their owners.


  1. Arresting a fkn bird like this and giving it a lawyer just proves it is way past time to end the ridiculous war on drugs and how way too far it has been allowed to go on.

  2. he isn't actually under arrest and he doesn't have his own lawyer. they took him into custody and he will be taught how to fly and either released into the wild or more likely given to people that will care for him.

  3. Most cops IQ’s fall well below the threshold for metal retardation.

  4. Polly wants a crack rock! Polly wants a crack rock!

  5. Not surprising. Most cop IQ’s fall well below the threshold for mental retardation.

  6. Still... Taking a fkn bird into custody. . .
    . . . no problem, right?