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Pete Buttigieg Defends Late-Term Abortion: It’s A Woman’s ‘Personal Decision’

Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the man who attacks Vice President Mike Pence's Christian faith because he holds to biblical values on h...

Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the man who attacks Vice President Mike Pence's Christian faith because he holds to biblical values on human sexuality, openly defended the horrific practice of late-term abortion on MSNBC this week.
According to LifeNews, the 2020 contender appeared on "Morning Joe" this past Thursday to answer questions about his 2020 vision. Later, co-host Willie Geist asked him about his support for late-term abortion, noting that most religious conservatives would have a hard time supporting him with that kind of policy position.
"Mayor Pete your candidacy has now peaked the interests of religious conservatives," Geist said. "They like you. But they get to the point where they look down your resumé and they say life is precious. They talk about the sanctity of life and they can’t get past your support of late-term abortion. What do you say to them?"
Buttigieg responded predictably by ignoring the fact that science proves an unborn baby to be human life, saying the morality of abortion is "not knowable."
The way I explain this and it’s something that I think any pro-choice candidate from a conservative state faces, and that is I respect and understand where others are coming from. Many of my supporters, many of my friends view this issue differently. But we’re talking about who gets to make that decision. And the way this has been characterized, especially lately, is asking questions that almost in themselves are misleading about the medical situations that women face – not to mention the personal decisions that they are confronted with. To me, it’s a very complex issue that should be guided by a very simple principle: which is that having these things dictated by government does not make that decision any easier. Some of these questions are religious or meta-physical, they’re not things that are knowable in a traditional sense, not questions you can get the answer.
Geist actually pressed Buttigieg on that point rather strongly, saying that people indeed could say that reality is knowable without the philosophical or religious dimension.
"But to people who would criticize that, they would say actually it’s a pretty easy — that is a fundamental child in the third term of pregnancy, that is a human being who could be born alive and have a great and full life," Geist said. "So it is a pretty easy question, who would criticize your answer."
Buttigieg said that Geist posed a "misleading" question. "The premise of the question is very misleading," said the 2020 candidate. "We’re talking about situations where the life and health of the mother is at risk and/or the child can’t survive. Look, you only get to that stage, that late moment, if you had been planning to bring a pregnancy to term."
The mayor from South Bend, Indiana, has been criticized heavily for his hypocrisy regarding the Christian faith for daring to denounce Mike Pence's traditional Christian views while holding his contrary views.


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  3. If a woman possesses a Birth Certificate or Birth Card, her body belongs to the State, therefore, she has NO say over the control of her body, nor what happens to it.

  4. "who could be born alive and have a great and full life"

    They could also have severe Downs Syndrome and a major heart defect (those tend to go together). So much for that "great life". Most doctors recommend going to full term late in a pregnancy unless there is a major problem. It's much safer for the mother. If they can't take care of the baby, there is adoption which is also a tough decision, but often less emotionally stressful than terminating a pregnancy.

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