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Man Police Say Was Attacked for Wearing MAGA Hat Sends Jesus-Inspired Message to Suspects

While the left claims there has been a rise in hate crimes and targeted attacks in the era of President Donald Trump, which they attribut...

While the left claims there has been a rise in hate crimes and targeted attacks in the era of President Donald Trump, which they attribute to him and his supporters, the reality is it is often Trump’s supporters who are the victims of politically motivated assaults, especially those who choose to wear the famous red “Make America Great Again” hat out in public.
That is what police say occurred when a Trump supporter in Maryland named Atsu Mable — a legal immigrant from the West African nation of Togo — was assaulted by two men who took exception to his red MAGA hat while he was out for a walk after dinner Saturday evening near his home in Germantown.
According to a report from the Montgomery County Department of Police, 27-year-old Jovan Crawford and 25-year-old Scott Duncan Roberson were arrested and charged with assault and robbery after repeatedly striking Mable and stealing unspecified “property” from him that was summarily destroyed.
But in what can only be described as an object lesson in grace and forgiveness, Mable said during an interview with Fox News that, following Jesus’ example, he bore no ill will toward his assailants.
Instead, he shared a message of “love” and “peace” that he said he would like to see similarly extended to everyone regardless of ideological alignment.

Mable first described how he had been approached near the end of his post-dinner walk by himself around the neighborhood by the three other men, two of whom began to harass him over his MAGA hat, with one warning him, “You shouldn’t be wearing that hat, bro.”
Mable said he replied, “That’s not your problem. That’s mine, for personal reasons.” Unfortunately, as he attempted to walk away from the men, Mable was punched in his back, then hit again more times as a fight ensued, prior to the assailants running away.
A witness to the assault called the police, and Mable said he was able to get a picture of the men with his cellphone camera.

As noted by the police report, Crawford and Roberson were found by officers a short distance away attempting to hide themselves among a group of children playing basketball, after which they were arrested.
Mable was asked by Fox News host Steve Doocey if he had a message he wanted to share with the two men.
“I have a message for love — that Jesus said in the Bible that you must love your neighbor, so I still love them,” he replied. “I think whatever happened to me that day should not happen to anybody, for their political view.
“So I still love them and I forgive them. I’m ready to make peace with them if I could see them again.”
Asked why he had decided to support Trump and wear the MAGA hat, Mable said, “I like the message that the president brought back in 2015 when he was running. And then I liked the message and I’m seeing what he’s doing.
“But I’m not here to criticize anybody or put anybody down for if they are left or right, or if they are red or blue. I know that the president has his own agenda, and that agenda — I do believe in that agenda — and he is delivering on it and making this country great again.”
Mable was asked if he would consider wearing the MAGA hat again despite having been attacked for it, and he replied in the affirmative, saying he intended to wear it for rallies and other events.
“I’m very proud of wearing the hat,” Mable said.
This man could have been righteously furious at the men who attacked him over a hat and sought vengeance or demanded that justice be served. Instead, he shared a biblical message of peace, love and forgiveness for others that should be embraced by everyone.

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