‘You don’t say’! No wonder prosperity-deprived AOC ‘wants to repeal Obamacare now’ [screenshot]

TIME Magazine’s Charlotte Alter explained that millennials are so keen on Democratic socialism because, like her and TIME cover girl Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, they’ve “never experienced prosperity in [their] adult lives.”
That’s a steaming load of B.S., of course, but for the sake of our own amusement, we’re willing to indulge Alter a little bit because her complaining isn’t so much a stinging indictment of capitalism as it is a stinging indictment of Barack Obama’s presidency. See, if you actually read Alter’s piece on AOC, you’ll run across this interesting piece of information:

Kind of weird how without that huge mandatory Obamacare payment, she could have afforded her student loan payments. I feel like that's kind of a big deal about this story.

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Well, whaddaya know?

It’s like payback! But don’t worry — Medicare for All will totes fix the problem for everybody. And then we’ll all get to experience prosperity at last!
‘You don’t say’! No wonder prosperity-deprived AOC ‘wants to repeal Obamacare now’ [screenshot] ‘You don’t say’! No wonder prosperity-deprived AOC ‘wants to repeal Obamacare now’ [screenshot] Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 10:45 Rating: 5


  1. screw the " one dip shy " of a n166er tramp

  2. this article is absolute BS - devoid of anything other than an attempt to denigrate AOC.

  3. Lady, I'm 58 years old, went to school, college, got married, 2 kids, worked most of my life, husband did too and WE haven't experienced American prosperity. It's the LIE that keeps on giving.....broken dreams, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, stress, destroyed lives. It was all TV and magazines, movies and commercials that kept repeating it. You with your upper middle class life lived much EASIER and experienced a whole lot more of that American prosperity than most of us have so STFU. You're a dolt.

  4. AOC's entire life has been one of American prosperity --- look at her high School photos.
    She graduated cum laude from Boston University's College of Arts and Sciences in 2011, majoring in international relations and economics ---- and then was only qualified to work in a BAR for FOUR years because today's college degrees are as worthless as WET BAR NAPKINS. ..... How did she pay her student loans working in a BAR?
    By the way, How much student debt does this "poor, oppressed, ghetto girl" have? None EH? Where did she get the money? CUM LAUDE and the only job she can get is in a BAR?!
    "Cash me outside" Ocasio
    She is as "ghettoe" as Westchester County. Never lived in the "ghettoe"
    Again, Ocasio-Cortez is not a “girl from the Bronx.”
    She actually grew up in a wealthy suburb in Westchester county.
    Ocasio-Cortez currently lives in the Bronx, but county land records show her father, Sergio Cortez-Roman, bought a three-bedroom home in Yorktown Heights, New York in 1991, when she was two-years-old.
    She lived there for most of her life until she moved back to the Bronx after graduating from Brown University, an Ivy League school with arguably the highest tuition costs in the nation.
    A week ago she was flat broke -- being a "sacrificing public servant" sure PAYS:
    little retard Cortes...moved to exclusive gated community in d.c. , with natural food store and store owner is ...guess who...no other than the guy who owns amazon Remember how "broke" she was a week ago?
    Too bad D.C. does not have ghettoes for AOC to move into .... you know, so she could WALK her TALK.
    Now about the source of her Campaign Financing --


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