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'UGLY RACIST TWEET': Ocasio-Cortez Slammed For Promoting Bigotry

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faced backlash this week after she came to the defense of fellow far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-M...

Socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez faced backlash this week after she came to the defense of fellow far-left Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) on Twitter following racial remarks that Tlaib made during a House Oversight Committee hearing.

Tlaib falsely suggested that Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) was a racist this week when Meadows brought Trump official Lynne Patton to Michael Cohen's hearing.
"Just because someone has a person of color, a black person, working for them does not mean they aren’t racist and … the fact someone would actually use a prop, a black woman in this chamber, in this committee is alone racist in itself," Tlaib said as she took aim at Meadows.
Ocasio-Cortez responded by tweeting: "Total bravery from @RashidaTlaib as she reminds the nation that tokenism *is* racism."
Here are some of the responses to Ocasio-Cortez's tweet:
The Reagan Battalion: "This is an ugly racist tweet. Assuming that a woman of color is too stupid to know what she wants and she is being used as a 'token' is racist."
Chris Manning: "Actually @RashidaTlaib displayed her racism for the world to see. She said a black woman wasn't intelligent enough to be there of her own free will and instead was there only because the white man told her to be there. Antisemitic and says black women don't think for themselves"
Derek Schwartz: "The only racism here was from her! It’s a standard practice from you guys to create racism where there is none and it’s getting old!"
Kambree Kawahine Koa: "For someone who represents themselves as a supposed champion for minorities, do you have any idea how RACIST and disrepectful what you just said was? You owe Lynne an apology."
Benjamin Weingarten: "You and your colleague Rep Tlaib are treating an individual as nothing more than her skin color, without agency or belief. Shame on you. Not only a socialist, but utterly deplorable and ignorant to boot."
Mickey White: "I feel like calling a Black woman a 'token' is racist too. I'm not sure where this ends."
Cam Edwards: "Your 'token' has a name. It's Lynne Patton and it says a lot you won't use it."
Charles Payne: "How many Black people are o your staff?"
Patton appeared on Fox News on Thursday to respond to Tlaib's remarks and was asked if she was "a prop" or "a token."
"You know, what I’d like to ask the Congresswoman from Michigan is, you know, why does she take the word of a self-confessed perjurer and criminally convicted white man over a black female who’s highly educated, rose up through the ranks of one of the most competitive companies in real estate, spoke before 25 million people at the Republican National Convention, and now works in one of the most historic administrations in history?" Patton said. "So to me, that would be my question. That’s more racist than being put up there as a quote-unquote 'prop.'"
In an Instagram post, Patton wrote: "Assuming a black woman can’t think for herself and must be a prop? Or assuming a black woman isn’t accomplished enough to be in attendance alongside lawmakers on her own merit? Thank you, Democrats, for proving to the American people that your party clearly thinks it’s both."


  1. The only People that can be racist are WHITE People ...... ........ don't you remember?