Democrat and 2020 hopeful Pete Buttigieg says, ‘We are the party of freedom,’ maintains straight face

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg isn’t doing too badly as a presidential candidate; despite all the hype surrounding the Kennedyesque Beto O’Rourke, Buttigieg actually has some substance and has impressed a lot of people with his media appearances.
And we think it’s cute that he thinks he’s going to win back “freedom” as the domain of Democrats. Yes, he knows that Democrats are all about controlling people’s lives — how could he not? — but he distinguishes between Republican freedom and Democratic freedom in this clip he posted.
“If they’re telling you who you ought to marry?” Sorry, guy, but your guy Barack Obama came into office opposed to same-sex marriage, not Donald Trump. Now, if they’re telling you that you have to bake a cake for a same-sex wedding or be fined out of existence, they’re Democrats and they’re trying to make you unfree.
Speaking of Obama, isn’t he the guy who said the Constitution is just “a charter of negative liberties” that “doesn’t say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf”? That doesn’t sound like freedom.

Don’t let anybody tell you that the other side is the side that’s got a handle on freedom. We are the party of freedom and we shouldn’t be afraid to go out there and say it.

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Just an aside, because any liberal website would mention it if Buttigieg were Republican — that is one white audience.
This is the crux of it: negative rights versus positive rights. A vision of freedom that imposes an obligation on you to do something for someone else isn't freedom and Pete's selling you a whole bunch of bullshit when he tells you it is.

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"You're not free if you're afraid to leave your job because you'll lose healthcare."

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He knows that if he doesn't buy health insurance he pays a fine, right?

Or at least it used to be that way.

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It's pretty obvious that Pete focus group tested his Orwellian vision of freedom and thinks that will make him sound like a moderate Democrat. LMAO.

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We’ll give him this: his speech is a step up from Kirsten Gillibrand’s “Brave Wins,” which is just downright stupid. But if he wants to have a debate about which party is the party of freedom, bring it on.
Just don’t drive an SUV. And sorry, no hamburgers. And get rid of your straws. And no big gulps. And you have to bake the cake. And definitely no ChickfilA sandwiches. And don’t live in Red states.
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In that list, govt. is either failing at a job it's actually responsible for, or govt. is wrongly & overly intrusive, & failing at that too.

Either way, the Democrat solution almost always leans towards "more govt power and force"... which hardly ever means more liberty/freedom.
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But just don’t donate to causes Pete doesn’t like because freedom only means what Pete wants it to be.
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I’ll remember that next time. Conservative speaks at Cal and your Red Guard show up because @benshapiro is a threat.
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Remember when DePaul dispatched security to keep Ben Shapiro from even stepping on campus, let along speaking?
Yes! Freedom means taking money from one person, wasting half of it, and giving the rest to someone else in exchange for their vote!
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If a union can force you to pay dues to support candidates you wouldn’t support yourself, that’s making you unfree. If the government can tell you how much you have to pay your employees, that’s making you unfree. We could do this all day.

Still, keep an eye on this guy. His followers are eating it up — at least until rich old straight white man Joe Biden announces and stomps everyone else in the field.
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