Facebook takes action against users for calling accused cop killer 'illegal immigrant,' 'illegal alien'

Amid accusations that Facebook employs secretive content policing strategies, which critics say disproportionately impact conservative users, the social media giant is now being accused of removing posts that describe Gustavo Perez Arriaga — the man police accuse of murdering California police officer Ronil Singh — as an "illegal immigrant."

What are the details?

According to Blue Lives Matter, Facebook has informed multiple users that posts declaring "Arriaga" to be an "illegal immigrant" or "illegal alien" violate the platform's community rules for "hate speech."

In one instance, a user posted a picture with Singh and Arriaga side-by-side. Above and below Singh's picture were the words "vetted legal immigrant" and "protector" while the words "unvetted illegal immigrant" and "[alleged] murderer" were above and below Arriaga's. 
Facebook removed the image.

"This photo goes against our Community Standards on hate speech," Facebook told the user.
Image source: Blue Lives Matter

Meanwhile, another Facebook user who posted Singh's picture and referred to Arriaga as an "illegal alien" — a standard phrase used to refer to illegal immigrants — was similarly reprimanded for "hate speech."
Image source: Blue Lives Matter

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  1. Any old excuse will do! If it wasn't for the desire to building a border wall, the term "illegal" or "alien immigrant" would be a non-issue. As it has been in the past.

    SideNote: Facebook, like MSM, have lost credibility and trust. They are not a user friendly bunch. On the contrary, people are cash cows to be fleeced and used. Some are aware while others still drink the Kool-Aid. Do yourself and country a favor. Get to rehab before it's to late.

  2. Excellent comparison. Sikhs have been solidly self sufficient everywhere they go in the world and more often than not, end up making enormous contributions to their adoptive societies. Mexicans, on the other hand.....well.....uhhhh......I don't want to sound racist but,........you know......ummmm. Let's put it this way; Mexican illegal immigrants are very well represented in our prison population! How's that for a positive comment?

  3. Faceyuck violates the LAW, numerous laws, about FRAUD. An illegal alien is the EXACT LEGAL title of an Illegal Alien. It is no more hate speech than faceyuck is a FRAUD is hate speech. Although I must say zuck and yuck have earned a lot of resentment that will hopefully destroy it.


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