Fail! Shocking moment a white man grabs an innocent black teenager and accuses him of stealing a wallet during a psychology class social experiment at a mall to study people's reactions to race

Channing Cowan, 17, was conducting an experiment about racism for his high school psychology class when he was accused of stealing a woman's wallet by two white men who grabbed him at a Colorado mall

A simple high school psychology experiment at a Colorado mall appears to have exposed an unexpected case of racism.
Channing Cowan, 17, and three of his classmates from a psychology class at Centaurus High School in Lafayette, Colorado, were at the Denver's Cherry Creek Mall, conducting a social experiment to see whether strangers responded differently to requests based on a person's skin color when the incident occurred. 
The class project involved the students stopping people and asking if they could borrow their cell phones.
Channing, who appears to be a person of color, told KDVR that he received 'ten straight noes' while asking to borrow a phone. 
However, when he stopped one adult white man, the man turned around and accused him of stealing a woman's wallet. 
The incident was caught on camera from a discreet distance.    
In the video, the man can be seen grabbing Channing's arm and shoulder and putting his hands on his back. A second adult white man can be seen pulling Channing's sweatshirt. 
Channing can be seen pulling out his own brown wallet and showing it to the man, as a white teen with a red cast rushes down the stairs and appears to try to diffuse the situation. Nobody else in the vicinity tries to help Channing.  
The man 'actually grabbed me and threatened to whoop my you know what if I didn't give his wallet back,' Channing told the news station.  
It was later revealed that the woman, who is not seen in the video clip, left her wallet inside the store. She apparently apologized to Channing, but the two men who put their hands on him didn't apologize, merely walked away. 
Channing's parents, Alice and Michael Cowan, believe that their son was accused of stealing the woman's wallet purely based on his skin color. 
'My heart didn't break because I know it happens all the time, but it was so scary for me because I wasn't there,' Alice Cowan said. 'I know he's a senior, but at the same time he's my baby.'
Michael Cowan said that he he was likewise disturbed. 'This is stuff I've dealt with a lot,' he said.
Michael then went on to question what would have happened 'if the roles were reversed and I was putting my hands on your child?' he said. 'How would you feel?' 
Channing's parents would like to identify the man who accused their son of theft and manhandled him, so that they can ask him why he did what he did.  
'Lately it just seems like things have gone so far back,' Alice said, noting that now 'People just feel like they can say and do whatever they want to do.'
Fail! Shocking moment a white man grabs an innocent black teenager and accuses him of stealing a wallet during a psychology class social experiment at a mall to study people's reactions to race Fail! Shocking moment a white man grabs an innocent black teenager and accuses him of stealing a wallet during a psychology class social experiment at a mall to study people's reactions to race Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 03:16 Rating: 5


  1. A pretty pathetic attempt by SJWs to demonstrate ethnic division. The unseen woman (Channing's mom maybe?) purposefully went to a white guy and said she was robbed. We don't know or even know what his story is. The accusing woman may not be white. Some one, another white by chance, tries to diffuse the situation. I believe that SJWs get actually sexually aroused from propaganda like this and is why these type of stories exist.

  2. Yeah, at first this sounds nice and of course, this profs the alegations, but this dont prof or is in any way or form an representative issue when it comes to real crime, the stats tells us something elntirly different.
    Its like the seady flow of articles in the MSM on how racistic we white people are, hunting poor sub-saharans aka blacks, stoping and frisking, etc, and the whining about racial profiling, of course, since they are black and an minority, you know, the whole shebang, snot and tears, while complettely ignoring the ugly facts, that tells us that this smal groups comits more crime than the rest combined, rape and robberu knife stabbing, fights, random violence, etc, and all done by the same people that whines about been persecuted just for been an black.

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  3. Well if you and yours wouldn't commit ten miillion crimes every year this wouldn't happen..

  4. well,look at the racist/stereotyped responses to this article.

  5. do you disagree with the statistical facts.
    or is stating it racist to you

  6. Truth here is no matter what color this poor me pussy Was The kid approaching everyone in a classic pickpocket distraction move is gonna be the first thought when a wallet is missing

  7. Wife-I can't find my wallet.
    guy-what do you remember
    wife-i dunno there was a weird kid with corn rows and hoody with no shopping bags approached me and everyone else in the mall to use their phone
    Channing walks up to guy-can I use your phone

  8. Hahahaha too funny. The numbers are facts not opinions
    you can't disagree with facts.
    the true terminology would be I reject reality and choose to insert my own fantasy

  9. no they aren't "facts" ha ha you fool

  10. Dude you're the dumbest fuck yet. And that's quite a bar to hurdle here.
    it's an actual accounting of crimes.that is fact. The numbers and breakdown of convictions by race, age are kept on file and public record.
    you choice to substitute reality with any fantasy you feel like doesn't change the numbers. it just makes you as delusional as someone that says he's J. F. K

  11. since you are a "racist" you already have a skewed viewpoint.

  12. hahahaha facts are not racist you moron.
    that you bend over backwards to deny the disproportionate amount of documented crime committed by 12% of the population is so skewed it's into cognitive dissonance.


  14. as i suspected you posted a biased view. lol

  15. See you finally got it right.
    You suspect IE feel something is so without proof.
    I'd say there's hope for you but we both know your heads so far up your ass you think the smell of your shit is fresh air.
    I stated a fact IE a thing that is indisputably the truth
    I posted the raw data. That it shows you're an idiot doesn't make me any more biased than showing people prefer white trucks.


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