New Ohio restaurant 'Ciao Bistro' closes BEFORE it opens after male owner calls locals 'liberal white c**ts' when a woman criticized its name (3 Pics)

An Ohio restaurant's grand opening got sabotaged by its own owner after he appeared to have slammed prospective patrons as 'liberal white c**nts' on Facebook. 
The name calling occurred after an article featuring an interview with Ciao Bistro owner Shawn Taylor, touting its impending opening, was posted on Cleveland Scene's Facebook page on October 23. 
In the comments on the weekly newspaper's post, two women had a brief back-and-forth about the restaurant's potential for success and name choice.
Ciao Bistro owner Shawn Taylor landed in hot water after he appeared to have called prospective patrons 'Liberal white c**ts' on Facebook, derailing his opening day plans
Two women on Facebook were discussing the restaurant's prospects and name, when Taylor weighed in with a colorfully-worded retort 

'We'll see, I'm calling it,' wrote Facebooker Rachel D. 
'The name feels ironic but I hope I'm wrong,' replied Bailey Pfohl.  
Then, Taylor, using his personal Facebook account which has a baby as a profile picture, stepped in with the colorful response, 'Liberal white c**nts' — a comment which has since been deleted. 
Taylor's comment quickly drew condemnation from other Cleveland area residents after Rachel D posted it on the Ohio City Community group's page. Others flocked to the newspaper's comments section to state that they would never patronize Ciao Bistro after Taylor's crudeness. They also took the opportunity to roast Taylor.
'This guy won’t be getting any of our business. What a horrible thing to say to someone,' wrote Andy Ross. 
'Omg - this guy just lost so much business in three words. Why would you post that on such a huge cleveland news source?' Annaka Whitehouse wrote. 
Taylor posted a lengthy apology on Facebook under his own and the restaurant's accounts. Both social media pages have since been deleted

'Calls people "liberal white c-nts" in a liberal white c-nt area and expects to succeed. Mmm-kay. Great business plan,' Greg Afanador wrote. 
'I'm disappointed it won't survive long enough for his angry responses to negative Yelp reviews,' commented Bakedcheeser. 'If he went this crazy on facebook before the place even opened, I can only dream of his responses when someone complained about the food.'  
On Thursday, Taylor posted an apology from both his own and Ciao Bistro's Facebook page — also now deleted — in which he blamed an unidentified friend for the unsavory words. He claimed this longtime pal was hired to handle the restaurant's social media.
'It has been an emotional day for all, as this is neither what I am about nor the restaurant,' Taylor wrote. 'I wanted to become a staple of your community and be a place where everyone felt comfortable going to.'
He went on to say that he had 'let go' of the social media-managing friend after the posting kerfuffle.  He also claimed that he had given this friend access to his personal Facebook account as well as the restaurant's and that the friend had 'accidentally' posted the comment. 
'I cannot answer answer regarding their intentions but I can reassure you that language or use of terminology is not one that I support nor believe in. I am terribly sorry for all that were offended by what was said under my name but I can assure you that was not me,' he added.  
Taylor elaborated on how the shocking post from his personal Facebook account occurred Thursday, telling FOX 8 that his friend claimed to have been logged into Taylor's Facebook account at the time and been texting.   
'He said, "Shawn I was texting and I don't know, somehow, some way it ended up on the magazine post,"' Taylor recounted. 'And my words to him I said, "We'll figure it out."' 
Taylor claimed that he and his family have been receiving threats since the post went up and admitted to deleting both his person and the restaurant's social media accounts. 
Despite this incident, he said that he still intends to open the restaurant.
'I'm not going to go down without fighting back,' he told FOX 8, going on to say, 'Give me a chance because I will make it right, that's what I plan to do.'  
Cleveland Scene reported Thursday that Ciao Bistro neighbors told them that they saw signs being taken down and furniture being removed from the restaurant's location.      
In his original interview with Cleveland Scene, Taylor had said that Ciao Bistro, which he described as being 'rustic Italian-Sicilian with a little Mediterranean flair' would be 'a whole new concept, a whole new everything' and that it was located 'at the right spot; it’s adorable, it’s cute, there’s a lot of walk-up traffic.' 
'I’ve been doing this so many years,' he told the newspaper. 'I think every restaurant is driven by food and service. If the food’s not good, you’re not going to make it. If the service is not good, you’re not going to make it. Day one will set your tone for the duration.'     
New Ohio restaurant 'Ciao Bistro' closes BEFORE it opens after male owner calls locals 'liberal white c**ts' when a woman criticized its name (3 Pics) New Ohio restaurant 'Ciao Bistro' closes BEFORE it opens after male owner calls locals 'liberal white c**ts' when a woman criticized its name (3 Pics) Reviewed by STATION GOSSIP on 03:20 Rating: 5

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