5 Years of Stealing Fast Food Trays

The Spread
5 years of stealing fast-food trays has brought me to this point. I just counted and weighed all of them, stats in the coming images!

Mc-Donalds Trays

These trays account for the majority of my collection. There are 74 trays here, weighing in at 55.5 pounds (25.1744 kilograms)

Schools Lunchroom/Commons Trays

There are 65 of these small yet sturdy trays, weighing in at 31 pounds (14.0614 kilograms)


14 trays, 10.5 pounds (4.76272 kilograms)
By far the best quality trays I've come across. They are thick, consistent, and feature a dimple in the center which allows for smooth tray spinning.

Weighing method allows for up to 0.5 pound accuracy!

Accurate enough for our purposes...

Israel Trays (Israeli BK I think?)

These two trays were a tad bit more risky to steal. My philosophy is that nobody cares enough about trays in order to involve the authorities. Haven't been caught to this day!
2 trays, 1.5 pounds (0.680389 kilograms)

Burger King

2 Trays, 1.5 pounds (0.680389 kilograms)


The top tray was my first acquired tray! I took it while longboarding around town with some buds, and we were using it as a Frisbee, which explains how gnarled it is
2 trays, 1.5 pounds (0.680389 kilograms)


These 2 trays were found in random rooms in my school. I developed a reputation for this hobby, so some acquaintances of mine filled me in on these two trays location.
2 trays, 2 pounds (0.907185 kilograms)


Didn't even get any food, I'm not an Arby's fan (Clearly)
1 tray, 0.5 pounds (0.226796 kilograms)

The Stack! -Total Trays: 162 Total Weight: 104 pounds (47.1736 kilograms)

Total Trays: 162
Total Weight: 104 pounds (47.1736 kilograms)

My trays have their own spot in the room:)

Different Angle
Top View!
The moment we've all been waiting for...

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