That’s How You Know You’re About To Move In With A Psycho Roommate (4 pics)

If you get an email like this from your assigned roommate in college, you haven’t even met yet, he or she is probably crazy. This is what happened to two friends, Winnie Chen and Gustinna Tun, a couple of incoming UCLA freshmen. Each of them received an email from their third roommate assigned to them. Just a reminder, the girls haven’t even met her yet…
The first email was a simple request for the three girls to chat about move-in day. But when Chen and Tun didn’t respond within 48 hours, the roommate, called Ashly on Tun’s email, replies with the following:

Dang, this girl is bold, to put it lightly. Chen posted her other roommate, Guistinna Tun’s response to Ashly here:

Ashly would then respond, with what is a more level-headed reply, but still, this girl is fricken demanding, keeping within the #SorryNotSorry stance: