New Island Was Filmed Made By A Volcano In The Ocean

Imagine sailing a yacht in the beautiful South Pacific. You’ve headed out for your day’s journey, enjoying the sight of nothing but water as far as the eye can see. Suddenly you notice something in the water. It first looks like a sandbar in the middle of the ocean. As you sail on, it grows denser and denser until it appears that you’re sailing right onto a beach. Upon closer inspection you discover that the faux beach is actually floating volcanic rock on the surface of the water. You look around and there’s no sign of a volcano. Suddenly in the distance, you see it. Smoke and steam are rising from a volcanic eruption right before your eyes. You sail closer for a little while when it finally dawns on you. You are the first person to lay your eyes upon a brand new island. You just witnessed an island being born. This sounds amazing and too good to be true, but it actually happened. Below is the photographic account of this journey documented by the crew of the Maiken yacht in 2006.