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Texas Children’s Hospital whistleblower says doctors illegally performing transgender mutilation on children also committing Medicaid FRAUD

  Another whistleblower from Texas Children's Hospital in Houston is  speaking out  about how her employer is breaking the law by illega...

 Another whistleblower from Texas Children's Hospital in Houston is speaking out about how her employer is breaking the law by illegally mutilating the genitals and bodies of young children who were brainwashed into wanting to become LGBTs.

Vanessa Sivadge, a nurse at the hospital, claims that doctors who are part of Texas Children's child sex-change program are committing Medicaid fraud in addition to breaking Texas state law, which prohibits mutilating children in the name of transgenderism.

"The largest children's hospital in the country is illegally billing Medicaid for transgender procedures," Sivadge is quoted as saying by investigative journalist Chris Rufo, who is described by as "an unstoppable force in uncovering fraud and plagiarism within DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) programs and Ivy League Schools like Harvard."

A registered nurse at Texas Children's who has worked extensively with the hospital's "transgender" patients, Sivadge says she was initially taught how to inject children with sex-change hormones before ultimately coming to a realization that she was participating in "deeds of evil and darkness."

"I was told to do something I knew was wrong," Sivadge told City Journal about the lies she participated in, which included helping a 16-year-old boy inject estrogen into his body to affirm his made-up "female" identity.

"It made me sick that the lie called 'gender-affirming care' was being sold to parents and children and creating hugely lucrative profits in secret – and I was part of it." 

FBI sent agents to intimidate Sivadge for coming forward

Not long after Sivadge sat down anonymously to speak with Rufu about Texas Children's illegally operating child sex-change program, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) sent two agents to her home to intimidate and threaten her.

Sivadge must have really struck a nerve with the deep state by exposing the Medicaid fraud aspect of Texas Children's operations. It is strictly forbidden in the state of Texas for Medicaid funds to be used on "gender-affirming care," and yet this is exactly what was happening at Texas Children's.

The first signs of illegal activity came in the form of paperwork discrepancies that caught Sivadge's eye. After the FBI visit, she inspected some of the medical charts for transgender patients and discovered anomalies that pointed to fraud.

"The Texas Medicaid Provider Procedures Manual has long stated that 'sex change operations' are 'not benefits of Texas Medicaid,'" reports explain. "In 2021, Texas Medicaid officials told the Kaiser Family Foundation that this prohibition was not limited to genital surgeries but 'explicitly excludes coverage of all gender affirming health services.'"

Even the left-leaning Texas Tribune reported in 2023 that Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program in Texas "already don't cover transition-related surgeries and prescription drugs like hormone therapies and puberty blockers." How, then, is Texas Children's getting away with violating this?

Drs. Richard Ogden Roberts, David Paul involved in illegal transgender Medicaid scheme

One of the doctors at Texas Children's who is said to be involved in the Medicaid fraud scheme is Dr. Richard Ogden Roberts. Roberts is described as someone who "has managed a large number of pediatric sex-change patients," including a biological female who identifies as "non-binary," and to whom Roberts prescribed sex-change hormones.

The biological female in question, whose records now state that she is a "male," was enrolled in the Texas state Medicaid program, which means Roberts violated the law by prescribing her sex-change drugs within the confines of the program's coverage.

Another doctor at Texas Children's with a suspiciously high number of transgender sex-change patients is Dr. David Paul, who once prescribed sex-change hormones while discussing breast implants with a male who identified at the time as a "female." Just like with the Roberts case, Paul's patient, referred to in media reports as "Patient B," was also enrolled in the Texas state Medicaid program.

"Paul wanted to help Patient B feminize his body to conform to his desired gender identity," reports explain. "Patient B had increased the size of his breasts but was frustrated by the persistence of facial hair."

"Paul discussed changing the testosterone blocker and increasing the dose of estrogen in order to make progress with feminization. Patient B told Paul that he wanted his breasts to be larger, firmer, and more pressed together, with larger areolas. Paul adjusted Patient B's estrogen prescription and discussed the possibility of breast implants."

All of this was done, just like with "Patient A" from the Roberts example, while both patients were enrolled in Texas Children's Health Plan STAR, described as a "no-cost Medicaid managed care plan."

The hope is that these revelations and possibly more will ultimately lead to the takedown of Texas Children's Hospital, assuming the institution is unable to be reformed to be in compliance with state law.

"It became crystal clear to me during Covid that the medical profession and law enforcement will do absolutely anything for a paycheck – anything," one commenter wrote about this heinous scandal.

"Exactly, they're whores," responded another. "A bunch of gutless, dishonorable bastards."

"The FBI agents that are being used by the regime to intimidate people and arrest people and do searches and all of the Stasi stuff, generally seem to be semi-dumb and exceedingly goonish," wrote another. "They remind me of the high school nerd who became a cop, to get revenge on everyone for not being popular."

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