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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene condemns Washington for attacking Crimea, says U.S. military should be defending Americans here at home

  The United States military should not be providing weapons or support to Ukraine so it can bomb civilians like what happened over the week...

 The United States military should not be providing weapons or support to Ukraine so it can bomb civilians like what happened over the weekend in Sevastopol, Crimea, according to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

Speaking in response to the U.S.-supplied ATACMS missile attack launched by Ukraine that killed five civilians and injured more than 150 others, including children, Greene tweeted that this kind of thing "should not be happening."

"Imagine if Russia, using a Russian satellite, fired cluster munitions on a Florida beach," she added, painting a picture of what the Volodymyr Zelensky regime just did to civilians in Russian territory.

"The only border our American military should be defending is our own border," Greene continued.

Greene also cited a report showing that a U.S. Global Hawk military drone was seen circling around the Black Sea during the Ukrainian attack. By all appearances, the drone was helping Kyiv to launch the attack on civilians.

"Are [sic] winning hearts and minds?" asked the "@amuse" (@amuse) X account about the attack. "How hard will Biden continue to poke the bear ahead of the November elections?"


U.S. and Ukraine are terrorist nations

Moscow's ambassador in Washington publicly noted that ATACMS "can't be launched" without targeting information and intelligence supplied by the U.S. This means the U.S. is directly responsible for murdering innocent civilians in Sevastopol.

Russia called the beach attack by the U.S. and Ukraine an act of terrorism, blaming the U.S. directly for it. U.S. Ambassador Lynne Tracy has now been summoned to answer for Washington's role in the attack. 

Russian officials reportedly told Tracy that Sunday's "bloody atrocity" will "not go unpunished." The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has not yet issued any comment about the attack, while the Pentagon said "We have seen the reports and have nothing to say."

Top advisor to Zelensky's office Mykhailo Podolyak defended the strike by claiming that there are no civilians living in Crimea, only Russian "occupiers." In other words, the civilians living in Crimea are considered by Ukraine to be sub-humans, which seems to be the same position that Israel takes with regard to the Palestinians living in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

In 2014, Crimea's residents voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia.

"Putin is keeping cool because once he heats up, the world will melt down," wrote a commenter at RT.

"You may be right, but there has to be a solid, unflexing red line," responded another. "Putin's weakness has emboldened the enemy. He has let too much go unanswered. There is no deterrent! Putin has to strike back hard."

Another suggested that Russia declare a no-fly zone over the Black Sea because the area is an active war zone.

"Shoot down anything that comes too close," this person added.

"And just like that, terrorism became a military tactic," wrote another about this heinous act of murder by the U.S. and Ukraine.

"As American citizens, we should take time as July 4th approaches to reflect and ponder what kind of government we have and what kind of government we want," said another. "If criminality, lawlessness, corruption is what we tolerate, then we receive the ramifications of such things."

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