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400+ Illegal Aliens Have Been Brought Into U.S. By ISIS-Affiliated Human Smuggling Network: Report

  More than 400 illegal aliens have been brought into the U.S. through an   ISIS-affiliated   human smuggling network under President Joe Bi...

 More than 400 illegal aliens have been brought into the U.S. through an ISIS-affiliated human smuggling network under President Joe Biden, according to a report.

NBC News reported that multiple U.S. officials confirmed that the Department of Homeland Security has identified who the individuals are because they were smuggled in through the Islamic terrorist network.

The report said that 150 of the individuals have been arrested, but the whereabouts of more than 50 are unknown as federal law enforcement officials seek to hunt them down and arrest them. The report said that the remaining illegal aliens are spread out over 17 states and that they will likely be arrested soon.

The Biden administration sought to take credit for tracking down the illegal aliens, claiming that they were doing so out of “an abundance of caution.”

The report said that the illegal aliens crossed the southern border as part of the national security and immigration crisis that Biden caused with his open borders policies.

The illegal aliens were all released into the U.S. because there was not information at the time connecting them to terrorism when they were contacted by U.S. Border Patrol.

Illegal aliens originating from countries were ISIS operates will rarely ever have information in any kind of database that connects them to terrorism because the countries are usually third world with little-to-no infrastructure to track terrorist suspects. Also, even if the countries had the information, many of them would likely not want to share it with the United States because they view the U.S. as an enemy state.


“The fact that the whereabouts were unknown is clearly alarming,” said former FBI counterterrorism section chief Christopher O’Leary. “I believe the [U.S.] is scrambling to locate these individuals, and using the immigration charges is not uncommon. They are in violation of that law. And if you need to take somebody off the street, that’s a good approach to do it.”

The news comes after 8 ISIS terrorist suspects were arrested in cities across the U.S. earlier this month after they illegally entered through the U.S. southern border.

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