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Ukrainian military STOLE aid money intended for fortifications, so nothing got built

  Much of the money that the West sent to Ukraine to help the Zelensky regime fight Russia was  embezzled by the Ukrainian military , we hav...

 Much of the money that the West sent to Ukraine to help the Zelensky regime fight Russia was embezzled by the Ukrainian military, we have learned.

The reason why Russian armor was so easily able to roll across the border into Kharkov without resistance is because instead of using all that cash to build up its defenses, Ukraine stole the money and used it to pad the pockets of key government figures.

It turns out that both military and civilian authorities in Ukraine's Kharkov Region paid millions of dollars to fake companies to supply non-existent building materials for the construction of defense fortifications. What they really did with all that money was launder it, in other words.

To those who would say that this is just "Russian propaganda" or "the Kremlin's marching orders," consider the fact that Russia swept the region with ease precisely because Ukraine spent all that money elsewhere instead of on military fortifications as claimed.


Owners of fake Ukrainian businesses called "avatars" by watchdog

According to reports, Russia captured dozens of towns and villages all throughout the northern part of the Kharkov Region last Friday after launching its offensive and discovering that Ukraine was wearing no clothes.

Russian troops reportedly captured the village of Bugrovatka on the Monday after as well, with additional Ukrainian losses being reported near Veseloye, Volchansk and Liptsi, the latter of which is located about 20 kilometers from the outskirts of Kharkov city. 

A Ukrainian anti-corruption activist by the name of Martina Boguslavets revealed that together, Kharkov's Department of Housing and Communal Services (ZhKG) and the Regional Military Administration (OVA) received seven billion hryvnias (about $176.5 million in U.S. dollars) to build defenses to protect against the Russian invasion, but once again greed took over as opposed to honesty.

RT reported that for the wood portion alone, ZhKG and OVA signed contracts worth 270 million hryvnia (about $6.8 million) with five separate companies, all of which did not even exist at the time when the contracts were first signed. Only after the contracts were announced did the five companies suddenly come into existence.

No actual bidding took place and at least two of the "companies" were discovered to be owned by the same person.

"Moreover, the owners of these firms do not resemble successful businessmen and businesswomen," Boguslavets wrote. "They have dozens of court cases, from whiskey theft to domestic violence against a husband and mother; some of them are deprived of parental rights and have had enforcement proceedings for bank loans."

Boguslavets described these fake business owners as "avatars" that are installed oftentimes without their knowledge. One of them who was paid 52 million hryvnias (about $1.3 million) as a "small fee" for agreeing to become one of the fake business owners is actually an agricultural laborer who was basically recruited by the corrupt entities in charge of Ukraine.

"The naked eye can see how a government official mercilessly registers new companies, using for this purpose people who, due to the circumstances, may not be aware of this," she added. "And this someone continues to make money on blood."

The commander of a Ukrainian special reconnaissance unit confirmed to the BBC that all of this is true, which explains why Russia took over the region nearly unopposed.

"There was no first line of defense," this person, named Denis Yaroslavsky, said. "We saw it. The Russians just walked in. They just walked in without any mined fields."

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