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OBEY: World Economic Forum white paper claims 98% of central banks are in the process of adopting CBDCs

  The World Economic Forum has been fixated on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) lately, and as usual, they’re manipulating facts to g...

 The World Economic Forum has been fixated on central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) lately, and as usual, they’re manipulating facts to garner support for their latest attempt to control people.

This time, they’ve released a white paper making the claim that 98% of all central banks are currently pursuing their own CBDCs.

They may want people to believe this, but just two countries have officially launched CBDCs so far – Nigeria and Zimbabwe – while just a handful have made it past the “proof of concept” stage.

Moreover, a number of countries have scrapped their CBDC projects, such as Finland, Denmark, the Philippines, Ecuador and Kenya. Countries that are currently in the pilot stage, however, include India, Russia and China.

In the paper, entitled “Modernizing Financial Markets With Wholesale Central Bank Digital Currency,” they sing the praises of these currencies, applauding their ability to streamline cross-border transactions.

The paper claims: “CeBM is ideal for systemically important transactions despite the emergence of alternative payment instruments…Wholesale central bank digital currency (wCBDC) is a form of CeBM that could unlock new economic models and integration points that are not possible today.”

However, given the World Economic Forum’s globalist agenda, their real interest in pushing these currencies and making it seem like everyone wants to adopt them is because they could pave the way for a future global currency model – and, by extension, the removal of physical securities and money known as “dematerialization” that they are so eager to implement. 

The paper also refers to a “unified ledger,” which is a term they use to describe a fully centralized digital currency system that would be under the control of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS).

It's all about controlling the masses

CBDCs would effectively render all transactions traceable, and therefore easily intercepted by banks and governments. This means all trade and revenue would be monitored, and people would not be able to circumvent it by using physical cash the way they can right now. With every cent that people spend and earn being tracked (not to mention taxed), and cleared through the agency running the CBDC, governments could veto transactions with ease.

There are a lot of ways this could be used to control the masses and keep everyone in line with their globalist agenda, from blocking people from filling up their car’s gas tank if they’ve used too many fossil fuels to blocking purchases of ammunition. They won’t need to deplatform people for speaking out about topics that go against government narratives, like COVID-19 vaccine injuries; they can just fine them or freeze their accounts.

Bureaucrats would be able to punish people instantly for whatever reason they see fit, much like the social credit system used in China to punish people who don’t behave or think in the way the Chinese Communist Party wants them to.

Make no mistake about it: CBDCs pose a huge threat to our freedom, and even if the WEF is exaggerating their popularity right now, it won’t be long before they become a very real possibility. While the globalistsmay not have been able to control us as much as they’d hoped with climate change scaremongering and COVID-19 vaccine mandates, CBDCs could prove to be their best chance yet to achieve global domination.

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