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Insane Leftists Frame Family Formation As Sinister Right-Wing Conspiracy

  POLITICO Magazine published an   article   at the end of April framing efforts to encourage marriage and raising children as a right-wing ...

 POLITICO Magazine published an article at the end of April framing efforts to encourage marriage and raising children as a right-wing conspiracy.

Author Gaby De Valle shared stories from “behind the scenes” of the Natal Conference — which, according to the website, would connect people who were concerned about the growing number of countries and cultures where birth rates were rapidly dropping below “replacement levels.”

“We are living through the greatest population bust in human history. The future belongs to those who show up,” the conference website states — and De Valle wrote, “The threat, we are told here this weekend, is existential, biological, epoch-defining. Economies will fail, civilizations will fall, and it will all happen because people aren’t having enough babies.”

De Valle went on to suggest that the motives behind natalism seemed more political than practical.

“As the speakers chart their roadmaps for raising birth rates, it becomes evident that for the most dedicated of them, the mission is to build an army of like-minded people, starting with their own children, who will reject a whole host of changes wrought by liberal democracy and who, perhaps one day, will amount to a population large enough to effect more lasting change,” she wrote. “This conference suggests there’s a simple way around the problem of majority rule: breeding a new majority — one that looks and sounds just like them.”

She went on to suggest that there were ties to white nationalism and those who were afraid that the demographics would continue to shift toward a more diverse population.


While he was not mentioned in the article, X owner Elon Musk has often spoken about the possible collapse of the population if birth rates do not increase.

“Population collapse due to low birth rates is a much bigger risk to civilization than global warming,” he said in 2022 — and has warned that because of rapidly declining birth rates, “America is trending towards extinction.”

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