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Benny Johnson Exposes Democrats’ Ghettoization Of America In The ‘Most Dangerous’ TARGET Store *This Is Absurd* (VIDEO)

  Screenshot: Benny Johnson Muggings ,  vehicle break-ins ,  carjackings,  and  homicides  continue to surge in blue cities nationwide follo...


Screenshot: Benny Johnson

Muggingsvehicle break-inscarjackings, and homicides continue to surge in blue cities nationwide following the Democrat-led institution of bail-reform laws that keep violent offenders out of jail and legislative measures that put the burden of liability on police officers while emboldening criminals.

Screenshot: Benny Johnson

In San Francisco, Prop 47 prevents police officers from arresting or even intervening with anyone shoplifting up to $950 of merchandise.

As a result, thieves have been getting away with robbing and looting stores in broad daylight for the past three years in Biden’s America. 

Flagrant shoplifting has become such a regular occurrence in the Golden City that convenience store chains like Target, Walgreens, and CVS have resigned to shutting down operations in the Democrat-run city.

Footage from inside a Target store in San Francisco showcased by journalist Benny Johnson in an “investigation of the most dangerous Target in America” could be mistaken for images from a communist third-world hellhole in South America or Akistan or dystopian satire from the movie Idiocracy.

Unfortunately, it’s the Biden regime’s ghettoization of America.

“Target is one of America’s most successful retailers. They’re typically in the business of opening up stores, not closing them down. Every single Target in San Francisco has been closed down except one in this location. This Target in the Tenderloin district is suffering, severely,” Johnson explains as he walks into one of the only remaining Target stores in the city. “And why would that be? Typically when you open up a store you want to sell items, not have them stolen.”

“Because San Francisco refuses to criminalize homelessness or robberies, the robberies within the neighborhood this Target is located are up 44 percent this year. Not just robberies. The homicides are up 33 percent; rape is up 20 percent; assault is up 17 percent; and arson is up 21 percent.”

“Also, motor vehicle theft, which we nearly experienced when we were in San Francisco, is up 50 percent.”

Even the glass door to the entry of the store was shattered and broken, the popular conservative talk show host noted.

Johnson and his film crew also witnessed a robbery the second he entered the building. He then watched an armed security that “looks like special forces” bust the shoplifter.

Oh, and Johnson’s car was vandalized while parking in the Democrat-run district.

At least the store shelves in the San Francisco Target are stocked, not empty as they had been throughout the manufactured Covid-1984 takeover. But nearly every item in the store is locked in, behind glass or in a plastic box or tied to the shelf with metal detectors to prevent theft.

“Does your Target have to lock up, in plastic boxes, literally every item?” Johnson quipped. “As soon as you get in the shopping area, you notice that everything, I mean everything, is locked up inside of little plastic containers that would be very, very hard to steal.

“This is what a zero-trust society looks like.”

Screenshot: Benny Johnson

“To buy something at this store you need a personal shopper, [sales assistant] as everything is behind glass, or has a tag attached to it that alarms if you move the item — everything from underwear, to chapstick to lotion has a security tag and box,” he continued. “Need a pair of pants? You’re going to need to call somebody because everything has been locked up.”


While the political party that led efforts to defund the police allows robbers, rapists, pedophiles, and killers back into the streets without posting bond or bail and welcomes the influx of illegal aliens with open arms, Americans who protested the tyranny and installation of a dictatorship in the nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 continue to get handed long prison sentences, even decades behind bars, for non-violent misdemeanor offenses, like cavalierly strolling around the US Capitol building while taking selfies.

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