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Trump Attorney John Eastman on California Lawfare Case: “They Doctored the Quotation in Court – Then the Judge Repeated the Doctored Quotation” (VIDEO)

  Trump Attorney John Eastman and investigative reporter Emerald Robinson President Trump’s lawyer John Eastman joined Emerald Robinson on T...


Trump Attorney John Eastman and investigative reporter Emerald Robinson

President Trump’s lawyer John Eastman joined Emerald Robinson on The Absolute Truth on Thursday.

Eastman, a widely respected Constitutional attorney, was officially disbarred earlier this week after a California leftist judge ruled he should have his law license stripped for challenging the 2020 election.

Eastman on Thursday asked the judge to pause the disbarment ruling, citing massive legal fees.

Trump 2020 election lawyer John Eastman faced disbarment in California for ‘undermining democracy’ by trying to ‘overturn the presidential election.’

The January 6 Committee sent the feds after John Eastman because he dared to take action against the Democrats and their massive election fraud operation in 2020. 

Eastman joined Emerald Robinson to discuss this lawfare case against him. During their conversation, Eastman revealed how the radical attorneys going after him doctored a quotation and then the judge repeated the doctored quotation in their ruling.

Attorney John Eastman: Let me just give an update. The California Bar Court hearing judge has recommended that I be disbarred. That action can only be taken if it’s ratified by the California Supreme Court, and there’s a lot of water to go under the bridge yet before we get there. But the immediate effect of the recommendation for disbarment is that I’m placed on what’s called Involuntary Inactive Enrollment Status, which means that my California license is in the interim suspended while I pursue the appeal of this decision…

…I’ve said it often, if the law is faithfully followed, this case had never been brought in the first place. We have a disagreement on the facts of the 2020 election, and we have a disagreement on constitutional interpretation on issues that have never been settled. That has never been the basis for disciplinary action. Look, I mean, Thurgood Marshall actually pursued litigation that was directly contrary to controlling Supreme Court precedent, and he did it for years. We got Brown versus Board of Education as a result of his tenacity. This is what the lawyers are expected to do if there’s a colorful argument to be made, and there certainly was in my case as well. The notion that that is subject not only to discipline, but actual disbarment really is aimed at destroying our adversarial system of justice…

…Look, I mean, in the closing argument brief that the bar lawyers filed against me back in December, they made a material misrepresentation. They claimed that a court had ruled that the Electoral Count Act was constitutional. That was a central piece in my advice. That was false. They doctored the quotation from the court. The opinion had nothing to do with the Electoral Count Act. And then the judge repeated that doctored quotation in her opinion against me last week. That’s a blatant misrepresentation to a court. The very things that they are falsely accusing me of doing that should lead to my disbarment, they actually did in the briefing in this case, and with no consequences whatsoever. The double standard is palpable, and we really need to push back against it. 

Emerald Robinson: It’s not just the California Disbarment case that you’re dealing with. It’s also what’s going on in Georgia. And then there’s Politico reporting that Jack Smith, the federal prosecutor in the Trump document case in the J6 related indictments, is also sniffing around your Disbarment case. Does that concern you, Dr. Eastman?

Attorney John Eastman: Well, all of these things concern me because we don’t seem to have any notion of actually pursuing the truth in these criminal matters. It’s got you on your political opponents. And anything that they think will advance their agenda to get Trump and prevent him from being reelected is father for the mill. This is what they’re doing. And if they think by targeting me further, that will help them with their case against Trump, then they will do it. I just got a subpoena served on us last week by the Capitol Police Officers seeking everything, all of my communications with the President and anybody else. They’ve completely blown through attorney-client privilege. As we see in the Jeff Clark matter and the Peter Navarro matters, they’ve completely blown through long-standing executive privilege, a central necessity for protecting separation of powers. These guys don’t care about any of the norms, constitutional requirements or whatever. As long as they can get Trump, anything is fair game in their view…

…There’s a lawsuit by several members of the Capitol Police claiming that Trump is the one that caused their injuries. And now they’ve me for all of my communications for a year with clients, anything referencing the election, of course, it has nothing to do with whatever injuries they suffered, and we’ll be objecting. But it’s still these things are time consuming and costly to deal with. But that’s part of the game. If they keep us tied up spending our resources on defense against these things, then those are resources and time and talent that cannot be deployed in furthering elections for people that are sensible that are going to get our country back on track. That’s true.

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