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Suspect Arrested Over Bombing Outside Republican AG’s Office Backed Far Left Causes: Investigators

  A man who was arrested over the detonation of an explosive device in February outside the office of Alabama Republican Attorney General St...

 A man who was arrested over the detonation of an explosive device in February outside the office of Alabama Republican Attorney General Steve Marshall advocated for leftist political causes, according to the Department of Justice. 

A 36-year-old man, who investigators say indicated support for abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement and anti-police sentiment, was accused on Wednesday of placing the explosive device outside of Marshall’s office early on the morning of February 24. 

The explosion took place at the intersection of Washington Avenue and South Bainbridge Street in Montgomery and followed reports of a suspicious package being at the scene. There were no injuries from the explosion.

The suspect, who is reportedly from Irondale, was charged by the DOJ with malicious use of an explosive and possession of an unregistered explosive device. According to court documents, the same person who placed the explosive device outside of Marshall’s office additionally had placed a variety of “suspicious” stickers on government buildings near the attorney’s general office. 

Surveillance footage showed the suspect, wearing a hat, mask, and goggles, placing stickers on the Alabama state capitol building before walking toward Marshall’s office in the early morning hours of February 24. “The stickers placed on State buildings depicted different graphics, advocating for various political ideologies. Some included the phrase ‘Support your local antifa,’” a memo from the DOJ arguing for detainment of the suspect says.  

The memo contains a picture of nails that were included in the explosive device which was made with “a gasoline or lighter fluid substance, a mortar, firecrackers and nails. … The action of placing and initiating the IED on the walkway beside a government building demonstrates that this device was used as a weapon against property and/or to cause injury/death,” the memo says. 

Nails used in the bomb (court memo)

Stickers placed on the government buildings included the following far-Left messages in all caps: “Anti-fascism is community self-defense,” “abolish private property,” “topple all hierarchies,” “feminist action,” “eat the rich,” “death to fascism,” “support your local antifa,” “arm the homeless,” “my body my choice,” “F*** work let’s riot,” “friends don’t let friends become cops,” and “abolish ICE.”

Many of the stickers incorporated symbols of anarchy and guns into the messages and words, according to the court memo. Another video reviewed by investigators showed the suspect discussing his “violent impulses,” while another showed him saying “how the f*** are we not killing the government right now?”


During the investigation, authorities used surveillance footage and social media videos to trace the car seen leaving the scene of the bombing as well as the clothes that were worn and stickers that were used. The suspect could face 20 years in prison if convicted. 

“My staff and I are breathing a collective sigh of relief this morning knowing that this individual has been taken off the streets,” Marshall said in a statement after the charges were announced. “Although more information will be provided in the weeks to come, I think it is safe to say that this was not a random act of violence.”

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