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‘Remember Bill Clinton’: Stephen A. Smith Pleads With Democrats Stop ‘Disaster’ Trump Hush Money Trial

  Stephen A. Smith pleaded with Democrats to stop what he called the “disaster”  hush money  trial of former President  Donald Trump  involv...

 Stephen A. Smith pleaded with Democrats to stop what he called the “disaster” hush money trial of former President Donald Trump involving porn star Stormy Daniels.

During “The Stephen A. Smith Show” podcast on Tuesday, the ESPN host blasted the criminal prosecution of Trump — who’s facing 34 charges, accused of falsifying business records to cover up an alleged affair with Daniels — reminding Democrats of former President Bill Clinton’s Oval Office dalliances while president and married.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is a disaster… You want Trump gone, beat him… Is it possible it could be perceived that you are going after Trump using lawfare because you can’t beat him. Because you know the issues don’t favor you?” Smith said, noting things like Iran, Ukraine, trouble at the border, and rising crime.

“Y’all remember Bill Clinton? …Lying under oath. Remember that? No sexual relations?” he added, pointing out other Democrats like former Democratic Vice Presidential nominee John Edwards who had an illicit affair with a campaign aide.

The host asked if the Democrats were “really, really” planning to “push this where a state like New York has a former President in a courtroom because he paid $130,000 in hush money…to keep a porn star’s mouth shut about the fact that they got loose with each other because he didn’t want that to taint his campaign.”

Smith then talked about the “sexual encounter” Clinton had with the former White House intern Monica Lewinsky during his presidency and slammed the trial as “much ado about nothing.”

To my liberal friends out there, all you’re doing is showing that you’re scared you can’t beat him on the issues and the merits,” the host said. “That’s why he [Trump] keeps saying they can’t beat me at the election, at the polls. This is the only way they can do it.”

“And if you don’t put him in jail, and he still goes from being the presumptive GOP nominee to the official GOP nominee, and he goes to the polls, even though he was going to whine about winning and [the election] being rigged again, you have given more fodder to that argument, which means we’ll never have peace in this country,” he added. “Because tens of millions of people see what extent the other side is willing to go through just to keep him out of office because they can’t beat him on their own merits.”

“And they’re going to say, ‘Hey, you trumped us up against him again,’ and we’ll have no peace when all you gotta do is figure out a way to beat him on the issues,” Smith continued. “But you haven’t been able to do it. You can’t beat him [Trump]… Everything you do shows me you can’t beat him. It’s a damn shame. It really, really is. It’s embarrassing. “

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