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National security threat: China building a bridge in Central America to fuel U.S. MIGRANT CRISIS

  China is  building a bridge in the Central American nation of Panama , part of its plans to fuel the ongoing migrant crisis and undermine ...

 China is building a bridge in the Central American nation of Panama, part of its plans to fuel the ongoing migrant crisis and undermine America's national security.

According to reports, the structure is being built in the town of Yaviza in Panama, which sits on the Chucunaque River. The said bridge is apparently big enough for a column of tanks to cross. But most concerning is that migrants, not tanks, will be the ones to utilize the bridge the most.

The Chucunaque River serves as the separation point between Central and South America, and is one of the most southerly points reachable by road from North America as part of the Pan-American Highway. But the construction of the bridge will reportedly make the most dangerous migrant crossing points in the world a much easier trek for migrants. Moreover, its construction will also extend the Pan-American Highway further south.

Migrants from South America often cross the Darien Gap – a dense, lawless jungle between Panama and Colombia – on foot. But their journey is often marked by perilous river crossings and wild animals. Worse, violent criminals that extort, kidnap and abuse migrants add to the danger.  

A divided America is of great benefit to Beijing

Ultimately, news of the bridge's construction has raised a puzzling question: Who is funding the construction of the bridge, and what do they stand to gain?

Michael Yon, an investigative journalist known for his on-the-ground coverage of the migrant crisis, has one answer – China. The issue of migration has long been a divisive topic in the country, and a divided America is of great benefit to Beijing, which long deems Washington as its main economic rival. Thus, it is easy to see why China could have an interest in aiding the passage of migrants from South America to the U.S.-Mexico border. 

The majority of migrants making the treacherous journey north tend to be from poorer countries such as Haiti and Venezuela. However, the number of Chinese migrants has soared in recent years. Between January and September 2023, U.S. border officials detained more than 22,000 Chinese nationals attempting to enter from Mexico.

"Nobody says who's putting the money in it. This indicates to me it's China, because China has a way of doing this," Yon told American screenwriter and television producer Shawn Ryan during a podcast hosted by the latter. "I keep asking government people who is actually paying for this, and nobody seems to know."

Chuck Holton of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) visited the construction site, and was told that the initial plan for the bridge was to connect villages in the region. But according to him, "it looks like the builders may have other plans in the future" to continue the road. Holton remarked: "If that's the case, that could change everything from an economic standpoint, a political standpoint and from the standpoint of migration here in the Western Hemisphere."

According to figures released in February 2024, over seven million migrants have crossed America's southern border under the Biden administration. This total does not include an estimated 1.8 million known "gotaways" who managed to evade law enforcement.

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