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Doritos Facing Backlash For Partnering With Trans-Identifying Influencer Who Allegedly Made Sexual Comments About Children

  Doritos Spain is facing backlash for partnering with a trans-identifying man who   reportedly   posted sexual comments about children in t...

 Doritos Spain is facing backlash for partnering with a trans-identifying man who reportedly posted sexual comments about children in the past.

Over the weekend, Samantha Hudson, a trans-identifying man and social media influencer, appeared in a 50-second Instagram promo called “Crunch Talks” for Doritos Spain, which falls under PepsiCo Spain.

“Being perfect is not easy, but you end up getting used to it,” Hudson says in the spot, according to a translation.

By Monday, however, Newsweek reported that several jarring sexual posts about children that Hudson allegedly posted resurfaced, sparking outrage online.

“I want to do thuggish things [to] a 12-year-old girl,” Hudson allegedly posted on X several years ago, adding a description of an extreme sexual crime against a child.

Hudson, 24, was reportedly 15 when he allegedly made that post.

“In the middle of the street in Mallorca in panties and screaming that I’m a nymphomaniac in front of a super beautiful 8-year-old girl,” Hudson allegedly wrote in another post.

Hudson also appears to have previously said that he wants to destroy the traditional nuclear family.

“I advocate for the destruction and for the annihilation of the traditional, monogamous, nuclear family,” Hudson said in a video posted to X by several social media users.

“Not that I’m going to beat up my parents,” he added to laughter from an audience.

In yet another X post, Hudson allegedly said that he hates women who are rape victims.

“I hate women who are victims of rape and who turn to self-help centers to overcome their trauma. k fat wh****,” Hudson wrote.

A Doritos Spain spokesperson told Rolling Stone that the company had launched a campaign with Hudson on Sunday before they were aware of his previous comments.

On Monday, after the company became aware of his comments, the spokesperson said the Instagram video was removed. The campaign’s removal and Hudson’s termination was due to Hudson’s history of controversial comments, not his gender identity, the spokesperson said.

Hudson himself previously attempted to explain away his old posts when they came to light after he became a minor celebrity.

“Some tweets that I posted in 2015 are resurfacing and honestly I don’t know what to say, I don’t remember having written such barbarities,” he said, according to a translation of his posts. “At that time I dedicated myself to saying nonsense, the heavier the better, because I thought that ‘dark humor’ was funny.”

The backlash over Doritos Spain’s decision to partner with Hudson echoes the reaction in the U.S. to Bud Light collaborating with trans-identifying influencer Dylan Mulvaney last year.


Bud Light’s parent company lost $395 million in the aftermath of a boycott.

Target faced an expensive boycott last year as well over its Pride Month merchandise, which included a kid’s swimsuit with a tag reading “thoughtfully fit on multiple body types and gender expressions” as well as “The Pronoun Book” aimed at children.

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