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While Americans were distracted by the Super Bowl, Israel conducted a MASS BOMBING of Rafah in southern Gaza

  A so-called "hostage rescue" that Israel conveniently conducted in Rafah while braindead Americans were hypnotized by mostly-bla...

 A so-called "hostage rescue" that Israel conveniently conducted in Rafah while braindead Americans were hypnotized by mostly-black, tights-wearing pigskin puppets dancing around a field with performances by Monarch mind-controlled "musical artists" interspersed with all-black commercials led to the annihilation of around 70 people.

Dubbed the "Super Bowl Massacre," and described as a "night full of horror" by the New York Times, the bombing by Israel appears to be a prelude to a much larger mass genocide the Jewish ethnostate has planned next for the border city with Egypt, which has a population of around 1.3 million people.

The bombing occurred about a day after President Biden reportedly told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to "not proceed" with his planned offensive against Rafah without first coming up with a safety plan to protect Palestinian civilians.

It turns out that Israel Defense Forces (IDF) could not care less about Palestinian civilians at all as they proceeded to attack the city by both air and sea, almost like they wanted to kill as many innocents as possible.


Millions more Rafah civilians in Israel's crosshairs

Israel claims the bombing was part of a campaign to rescue two hostages from a house in Rafah, located in the Shaboura neighborhood.

Biden, meanwhile, is struggling to continue "supporting Israel" like he is expected to while also showing some display of compassion towards the innocent Palestinians whom Israel continues to indiscriminately slaughter with reckless abandon.

Biden said he still has "unwavering" support for Israel's war, but in a statement acknowledged the incredible suffering of Palestinians amid all this Israeli violence.

"The Palestinian people have also suffered unimaginable pain and loss," Biden said. "Too many of the over 27,000 Palestinians killed in this conflict have been innocent civilians ... including thousands of children."

In speaking to Netanyahu just prior to the Super Bowl bombing of Rafah, Biden urged the prime minister to first produce a "credible plan for ensuring the safety and support of more than one million people sheltering there."

Keep in mind that there are many refugees in Rafah from northern Gaza who were previously told by IDF to flee south for safety. After they did that, Israel proceeded to bomb the southern safety zones, claiming "self-defense" as usual.

"Israel & the U.S. used the cover of the Super Bowl to launch an all out land, sea, and air massacre on the border town of Rafah, where Gaza refugees have been told to flee to for safety since the start of the assault months ago," tweeted an X account in a post that has since gone viral.

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