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NYPD Chief laments “total breakdown” of justice after illegals assault police officer, then get RELEASED from jail without bail

  Civil society is  rapidly deteriorating  in New York City, which is experiencing a "total breakdown" of civility and criminal ju...

 Civil society is rapidly deteriorating in New York City, which is experiencing a "total breakdown" of civility and criminal justice due to the city's open borders-supporting policies.

Illegal alien "migrants" are reportedly flooding the Big Apple by the thousands as Texas continues to send them up there from the southern border for "sanctuary." All the while, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) is allowing migrants to commit crimes without punishment, which is putting officers' and civilians' lives at risk.

"Well, the consequences – that's the issue in the city right now," commented NYPD Chief of Patrol John Chell to NTD's "Good Morning" program after his department released, without bail, five illegal aliens who allegedly assaulted two police officers.

Chell says that more than 2,000 police officers were assaulted or faced attempts on their life in the last year. And because there are "no consequences" for such actions due to New York City's leftist, soft-on-crime policies, more illegals are being emboldened to attack police officers and commit other crimes because they know they can get away with it.

Check out the video below, captured on January 27 showing a group of illegal aliens allegedly attacking two NYPD officers who were trying to break up a disorderly crowd of people in Midtown Manhattan. Two of the officers at the scene had to be treated for minor injuries, including facial cuts and bodily bruises:

"Disgusting event," Chell commented about what is depicted in the above video. "This should not happen in our society."


Criminal alien flips off America while strolling out of courtroom with no punishment

At the scene of the crime, NYPD officers arrested four people, followed by a fifth arrest two days later on January 29, and two more after that on January 31. Their charges include second-degree assault on a law enforcement officer, obstruction of governmental administration, attempted assault on a police officer and gang assault.

The suspect in the fifth arrest that occurred on January 29 was arraigned and released without bail the very same day. Upon leaving the courthouse, the illegal was seen giving the middle finger to cameras, almost to say that he knows he will never actually be punished for his crimes.

Of the seven illegal alien arrests that occurred in conjunction with the incident, only one suspect was remanded to jail with bail.

"The judge had an opportunity to step in and use her power and say, 'No, I'm going to remand them,'" Chell said. "But they walk out the door, and they add insult to injury. You saw a couple yesterday who were arrested, who literally gave us the finger to our city, our country, our community."

Chell added that this type of thing "has to end," and that elected officials and the judicial system at large need to start taking the matter seriously and "set consequences" for these criminal illegals to deter others like them from doing the same thing.

According to Fox News, citing unnamed police sources, four of the suspects who were released without bail boarded a bus to California, compliments of U.S. taxpayers who are forced to foot the bill.

"We have three or four of them on a bus somewhere driving around this country," Chell explained. "So, this is a total breakdown in the system. This should not happen."

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