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Wharton Board Demands Penn President Liz Magill Resign Over Horrifying Remarks

  The powerful board of Penn’s Wharton business school is calling on   University of Pennsylvania   President Liz Magill to resign over dist...

 The powerful board of Penn’s Wharton business school is calling on University of Pennsylvania President Liz Magill to resign over disturbing remarks that she made this week while testifying before Congress.

Magill did not say during her testimony before the Committee on Education & the Workforce that calling for the genocide of Jews would violate the school’s code of conduct on bullying and harassment unless “the speech turns into conduct.”

“‘Conduct’ meaning committing the act of genocide?” Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) fired back. “The speech is not harassment? This is unacceptable.”

University of Pennsylvania’s Board of Trustees held an “emergency meeting” on Thursday to address the continued fallout from Magill’s disastrous remarks.

The Wharton Board of Advisors “has been, and remains, deeply concerned about the dangerous and toxic culture on our campus that has been led by a select group of students and faculty and has been permitted by University leadership,” the Board said in a letter to Magill. “As confirmed in your congressional testimony yesterday, the leadership of the University does not share the values of our Board. Nor does it appear to understand the urgency to address the safety of our students on campus and the ongoing reputational damage to the University by the University’s policies and actions.”

“As a result of the University leadership’s stated beliefs and collective failure to act, our Board respectfully suggests to you and the Board of Trustees that the University requires new leadership with immediate effect,” the letter later added.


Democratic Governor Josh Shapiro said this week, “Leaders have a responsibility to speak and act with moral clarity, and Liz Magill failed to meet that simple test.”

“That was an unacceptable statement from the president of Penn,” Shapiro continued. “Frankly, I thought her comments were absolutely shameful. It should not be hard to condemn genocide.”

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