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Tucker Carlson Unleashes on Ben Shapiro, Says He ‘Doesn’t Care’ About America (VIDEO)

  Tucker Carlson ripped Never-Trumper and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro during an appearance on Breaking Points with host Saagar Enje...


Tucker Carlson ripped Never-Trumper and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro during an appearance on Breaking Points with host Saagar Enjeti.

“I’ve watched the entire kind of right-wing ecosystem get embroiled in fundamentally what is a third-world conflict,” Enjeti said after bringing up Ben Shapiro. “Now we can say support, not support, we can have criticisms, etc. of that but what explains this like literal allegiance on Ukraine, Israel? Why is it that so many of these people don’t seem to have the same level of care for actual American citizens?”

Ben Shapiro

Tucker Carlson said he was shocked by the criticism he received for wanting to put American interests firsts after Hamas launched an attack on Israel.

“In the case of Israel and the Arab world, I’ve spent a fair amount of time in both and I like both. And I felt terrible for the people who were killed on October 7, I still do. So I had no weird motive, I was just thinking about it from an American perspective: Is this good for us or is it not?” Carlson said. “And I was just amazed by the intolerance and the willingness to immediately go to invective and character assassination.”

Tucker said he received backlash for suggesting the so-called Gazan ‘refugees’ stay in the region rather than being brought to the United States.

“I said first of all, if the people who live in Gaza who are being moved out are so evil and dangerous that they can’t live in the region, why would you want them to move into my country? I mean those, what are you saying? They can’t live there because it’s too scary to live next to them but they can live next to me? So at that point, I felt very hostile about that because it showed such contempt for me and my family and my neighbors and my country — it is my country — that’s how I feel about it anyway. It’s all of our country and so I was like disgusted by that and I said so and I don’t know why that’s weird. Why wouldn’t I be offended by that?” Tucker said.

Tucker said he was labeled a hater and a bigot for his views.

“And then it was immediately I’m a hater, a bigot, or something like that. None of that registered with me because first of all, I’ve been attacked for so long but attacks that aren’t true. You know if somebody said, ‘Wow, you’ve gained some weight this summer’ I’d be like, ‘Oh!’ It would hurt my feelings because it’s true! But if someone’s like ‘You’re a hater’ or ‘You hate,’ that’s not true so I don’t really care,” Tucker said.

Tucker ripped into Ben Shapiro and said he doesn’t care about America.

“I’m shocked how little they care about the country, including the person you mentioned, and I can’t imagine how someone like that could get an audience of people who claim to care about America because he doesn’t, obviously,” Tucker Carlson said.


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