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Orbán Fights Back: Hungarian PM Vetoes European Aid Package for Ukraine, Warns He Can Still Block Kiev’s Membership in the EU

  Not so fast – says Orbán. The European Union leaders’ jubilation over the ‘historic’ approval of Ukrainian ascension talks was indeed shor...


Not so fast – says Orbán.

The European Union leaders’ jubilation over the ‘historic’ approval of Ukrainian ascension talks was indeed short-lived, as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán exercised his veto and blocked a major European Union aid package for Kiev.

Not only that, but Orbán also warned he ‘could still halt’ Kiev’s accession to the bloc after membership talks won EU approval.

The development comes a day after European Union’s 26 other leaders took agreed to start negotiations with a country at war, effectively bypassing Orban’s grievances by negotiating his departure from the room during the vote.[


Reuters reported:

“But, hours later, they could not overcome resistance from Orban, who maintains close ties to Russia, to a revamp of the bloc’s budget to channel 50 billion euros ($55 billion) to Ukraine and provide more cash for other EU priorities such as managing migration.

The Kremlin praised Orban’s stance, which spokesman Dmitry Peskov said impressed Moscow, while criticizing the EU, saying the decision to open membership talks was a politicized one that could destabilize the bloc.”

The MSM is always implying that the Hungarian resistance to Ukraine is either because Orbán has ‘close Putin ties’, or else the PM is using this for domestic political gains.

Never is it mentioned the very real problem with the vast Hungarian minority in Ukraine that has been deprived of rights, or else the Hungarian bank added to the list of sanctions.

This is hardly honest reporting.

Orbán told Hungarian state radio that he blocked the aid package to Ukraine to make sure Hungary gets the funds it wants from the EU budget.

“’It is a great opportunity for Hungary to make it clear that it must get what it is entitled to. Not half of it, or one-fourth’, he said.”

Furthermore, Orbán warned that Hungary could still block the Ukrainian EU talks at any time.

“’This is a bad decision’, the nationalist leader said. ‘We can halt this process later on, and if needed we will pull the brakes, and the ultimate decision will be made by Hungarian parliament’.”

Membership is still many years away, but the decision at the Brussels summit took Ukraine a step closer to its goal.

The EU failure to agree on the 50 billion-euro ($54 billion) package in financial aid to Ukraine is another tough blow to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, after he was also unable to get the promised $61 billion in U.S. aid.

Associated Press reported:

“Orban had warned before the summit that forcing a decision on the Ukraine issues could destroy EU unity. Decisions on enlarging the EU and on a review of its long-term budget, which contains the 50 billion euros ($54.1 billion) in aid for the government in Kiev, must be unanimous among all 27-member countries.”

Orbán decided not to use his veto because the 26 other nations were arguing so strongly in favor. Under EU rules, an abstention does not prevent a decision from being adopted.

“An EU official, who insisted on not being quoted by name because the summit negotiations were private, said Orban was ‘momentarily absent from the room in a pre-agreed and constructive manner’ when the decision was made.

[…] “Hungary’s perspective is clear: Ukraine is not ready for us to begin negotiations on its EU membership. It’s a completely illogical, irrational and improper decision,” [Orbán] said.”

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