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Massive Tornados Sweep Through Tennessee, Hammer Nashville

  Multiple massive tornados swept through   Tennessee   on Saturday — and at least one was reported in Kentucky — forcing people to take she...

 Multiple massive tornados swept through Tennessee on Saturday — and at least one was reported in Kentucky — forcing people to take shelter and leaving a trail of devastation and damages in their wake.

The National Weather Service issued a tornado watch for several areas across four states — Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee — shortly before noon on Saturday.

The tornado warnings started to pour in a short time later, as did reports of damages.

“DRESDEN, TN! Take cover immediately. This is a particularly dangerous situation with a large, damaging #tornado heading toward town any minute,” Reed Timmer posted.


“Large potentially catastrophic #tornado over Hendersonville TN right now. Worst case scenario,” Timmer added a short time later.

The local FOX affiliate shared video of the large tornado that swept through Nashville, showing explosions as the massive storm reportedly damaged power stations.

Others shared video of the Nashville tornado from other angles.

Another tornado was reported in Clarksville.

Reports of damage began to flow in even as the storms continued to rage all over the state. Homes and businesses took the brunt of the devastation.

While the storms raged, people who were not at home had to take shelter where they could — some in the parking garage of a hotel.

Fans attending the Creation Nashville convention got a surprise when they gathered to take shelter in a garage: “Supernatural” star Jared Padalecki joined them, and then proceeded to host an impromptu Q&A session.

Costar Misha Collins also joined the fans, smiling and taking videos as they waited out the storm.

More rain and thunderstorms are expected throughout the south and the east coast on Sunday, with some areas getting up to three inches of rain.

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